Lifespan Development Essay

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Overview of Life Span Development

The process of the development of an individual’s life span covers a vast age range, beginning during the period between conception and birth and stretching across the individual’s life span. The different periods range from infancy, to different stages of childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Genetically, important characteristics begin to develop as the newborn emerges into the world. Simultaneously, the developing child’s surroundings begin to influence development as well; so much that the genetically developed characteristics can be altered. Not only does development occur over a period of a many years, it also occurs across three ...view middle of the document...

The child possesses object permanence, therefore is able to understand that an object still exists even though it is no longer there in front of them. For example, a child will grasp that the ball they had been playing with still exists even after mommy or daddy takes it away so the child can have dinner. From a psychosocial perspective, emotional responses, independent behaviors, early personality traits, and early relation to playmates begins to emerge.
Across the early to late childhood years, an individual encounters drastic developmental changes. Of these changes, the brain is said to be the most dramatic as it reaches it adult weight by the age of 5. I found this to be very interesting! During early childhood the mylination begins to progress at different rates throughout the child’s brain; thus the ability to perform certain activities develop. The child’s physical strength begins to increase and body proportion becomes more adult-like. Their fine motor skills, such as writing and drawing, begin to develop but at a slow pace. The motor skills of boys begin to differ from that of the age related girls, as gender differences emerge. During this stage, the child begins to say many words and develops a word bank of approximately 14,000 words. This is when metacognition emerges. During the early years of childhood, the recognition of gender differences among playmates begins to develop and their play becomes much more imaginative. Both parenting styles and the child’s environments play such a significant role in the child’s development.
During the early adolescent years, a girl’s growth spurt peaks while a boy’s is just...

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