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Lifespan Development And Personality Paper

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From ages 6-11 you are considered early middle childhood. Around these ages you start changing your physical development by growing about 2 to 3 inches in height and 5 pounds in weight each year. A female body will mature quicker than the male body. Girls are slightly lighter and shorter than boys at ages 6-8, and then at age 9 it gets reversed. Around the middle childhood age the lower portion of the body is growing fastest, children appear to look long-legged. Girls end up having slightly more body fat and boys have more muscle. Between ages 6-8 the child should be able to do independent things like dress themselves, and tie their shoes. Children also start to develop more independence ...view middle of the document...

Children that are born to intelligent or highly skilled parents have the tendency to be intelligent themselves. But is not always the case, some families with “good genes” may be more likely to pass on intelligence or abilities. Some children end up with a disability even though their parents do not have the disability. The parents can carry the genetic abnormalities that cause their children to have a disability. Children with disabilities are more likely to have an effect on cognitive development. For instance, children with autism can have cognitive development if it is not diagnosed and treated in time. Each child with autism is different since there are different levels of autism. My cousin has autism spectrum disorder. Both his parents have no disabilities. It is difficult for my cousin to be social and have an ongoing conversation with anyone. We have to remind him to use his words to have a conversation with him. It is hard for him to learn new things. His parents help him a lot with learning his everyday needs, along with workers that work with him. I used to work with him and I would teach him how to take care of himself with his everyday needs, along with how we go out in public and be safe. He now takes care of himself. Children that are neglected of social interaction at home can be delayed in cognitive development. The children that get plenty of love and attention usually develop more quickly. Parents that work with their child in academic areas of learning and who play with their kids daily are actually helping them to develop important skills. When I used to work with my little cousin he loved to play basketball so his mom and I used to get chalk and put numbers all over the yard and then ask him to add and subtract numbers and he had to shoot from the answer. He learned how to add and subtract faster since he was doing something he loved. So he learned a lot since he was not neglected at home of social skills, and academic areas. I have a friend that does not really work with her child with his academic areas. So in school he is not doing that good. She has gotten letters from his school about how she needs to work with him so he can understand what he has to do. So since she does not help him enough he is falling behind from the rest of the kids in his class. I tried to explain to her that she is trying to go back to school to be a teacher, so she should start by trying to teach her child. He is the most important person to be teaching right now.
There are three different broad patterns of parenting that will take affect on the social life your child has. There is permissive, authoritarian, and authoritative. With permissive-neglectful parenting, if you do not have any structure with what your child does, and you show little to no interest in what they do. The child will have poor social skills. With permissive-indulgent parenting, if you show little structure in what your child does, and you are highly interested in...

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