Lights, Camera, Action...Going For My Dream

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Lights, Camera, Action...Going for My Dream

For as long as I can recollect, I have always wanted to act. When I
was younger, I would watch the Disney channel and wondering why I wasn't on
one of the shows. My desire to act was strong, only my parents made it clear
to me they didn't want me to get engrossed in the entertainment industry
until I was older. Each year I reminded my parents that I was getting older
in hope that they would get me agent, but they insisted that I wait until I
turned eighteen. Since my parents wouldn't let me set foot into the crazy
world of the entertainment industry, I performed in various school plays and
performed with a local ballet company. ...view middle of the document...

For the most part, the experience I have had with acting has only been
through drama classes at school, acting lessons, performing with the Dance
Company and extra work on the set. This may seem like many experiences;
however, I still had questions on how to pursue my dream as an actress. At
that point, I decided to turn to the Internet to get some resources on how to
pursue my dream.

I worked extremely hard to earn my SAG card. All my energy was
directed into getting in the union. I went to an orientation meeting held at
the guild shortly after I joined SAG. The speaker talked about the
overwhelming amount of people trying to break into the entertainment industry
and how hard we would have to work if we wanted to make it. When I first got
my SAG card I felt like I was on the road to success, but shortly after my
orientation I was reinforced with the understanding of the competitiveness in
the world of acting. At that point, I decided to do the research on the

I used several search engines on the computer to look up my topic. My
favorite was DOGPILE. I like the DOGPILE search engine because it was simple
to use. All I had to do was type in the word " acting" and many different
sites would pop up with their descriptions. There was so much information on
my topic that I would spend hours clicking and reading all the different
sites. I started out using AOL, only I kept getting knocked off - so I
switched to Netscape instead. I really wanted to chat with people on the net
about acting only I had a hard time finding chartrooms that didn't have a fee
involved. I kept finding bulletin boards where I could post a question, but I
wanted to chat with a person instead. Well, after several hours one day and
no luck finding an acting chatroom I decided to post a question on one of the
acting web pages. No one responded. I waited a couple of days for a response
and finally gave up with the bulletin boards.

A couple days later I went back to my computer in search of people to
talk to about acting. I went on AOL this time in the member chatrooms. There
were numerous chatrooms about different topics, except a topic on acting. I
went to one chatroom that was titled Arts & Entertainment and there were
three people in this chatroom - they were all males. Considering I found this
chatroom under Art &Entertainment, I was sure one of the guys would chat with
me. Was I wrong, the men were too preoccupied talking about ballet and they
didn't want to be bothered with my questions about acting.

After my attempt with the Arts & Entertainment chatroom failed, I
decided to enter every chatroom asking, " Is anyone interested in acting?"
Most people would ignore me or some would ask me why I wanted to know. I
didn't have much luck finding people to chat with me. Most people seemed to
be antisocial. I lost interest after about 2 hours of tormenting people to
chat with me so, I...

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