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Lincoln As A Symbol Of Freedom

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When European settlers arrived in America, they came seeking land and the promise of freedom. They wanted to build a nation by people and for people. Many colonists desired of freedom. Slavery in the South was getting out of control, putting these ideas under attack. Slavery was a considerable obstacle in the way of Americans in establishing a democratic society. Abraham Lincoln became a president at the time of slavery and inequalities among the white settlers and the African American people. Lincoln was determined to save the Union and help the United States move into a new era. He knew that he could not change the Southerner's minds over ...view middle of the document...

After he establishes the fact that slaves should be free, he knew he had to make peace with the South to pull the country back together. He did this by his ability to compromise with the South by ways of compensation and persuading them to join the North once again.Edwin Markham in his poem "Lincoln, the Man of People" portrays Abraham Lincoln as a hero, created from the dust of a common road to assist humanity in a time of great need:...She left the Heaven of Heroes and came downTo make a man to meet the mortal need.She took the tried clay of the common road--Clay warm yet with the genial heat of earth,Dashed through it all a strain of prophecy;......Here was a man to hold against the world,A man to match the mountains and the sea.He inherited the characteristics found in nature like "goodwill of rain", "gladness of wind", "secrecy of subterranean mountain stream" to help him in his quest to destroy evil and preserve good. He was very successful, but in the end he was struck down. His destruction is compared with the downing of a great tree in a forest; he went down with "A great shout upon the hills" and left "a lonesome place against the sky."Lincoln created a sense of nationhood based on equality and coupled it with an American national culture which enabled the United States to maintain its unity.Lincoln became extraordinary popular not only because he came from a "common background" but also because the unusual strength and clarity with which he felt and saw the troubles that were affeecting the nation.

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