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Lindsay Lohan was born on July 2, 1986. She is the oldest of 4 kids and her parents are divorced. Her dad was not very much a part of her life growing up and to this day she does not have anything to do with him. Lohan was a rising child star who started her acting career at the age of three. She starred in many commercials before showcasing her fabulous acting ability when she appeared in the remake of Parent Trap in 1998. She took a little time off after this showcase to be a “normal” child. After dropping out of high school, she had a few bigger screen acting jobs and some extra shots in daytime television (Current Biography, 2005).
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Lindsay Lohan’s behaviors are in a ray of dysfunction, on the verge of danger. She has reached a point in her life where her actions could lead to possible suicide. She is psychologically abnormal in her everyday life. (Pappas, 2010, P6)
From the psychodynamic perspective, Lindsay Lohan has had this need of filling a human void. She had a strong dependency of people. It is unsure if this is because of the absence of her father, but it could very likely be a key factor. There were no reports that Lohan’s mother denied her of her needs emotionally growing up, but Lohan stated “He didn't do anything for my career, except go out and not come home at night and make my mom and me stay up and wonder where he was and then show up three days later. So I don't think he deserves anything. He doesn't even deserve my respect." (Current Biography, 2005 P12).
Object relation theorists say that have a strong need to have relationships with people and when they are young and have severe problems, this can lead to abnormal development (Comer, 2011 pg. 40 top). Because Lohan’s relationship with her father consisted of her being worried according to the statement she made in the previous paragraph, she did not get her need to have a relationship with him; therefore she has an abnormal development. The lack of a relationship with her father could have been an opening to her substance abuse.
Lohan was also very impulsive with the fact that she decided to drop out of high school in order to chase her dream of continuing to be an actress. Lohan stated that she saw other making more and more movies and decided she wanted to do that also (Current Biography, 2005 P6). According to the psychodynamic perspective, says that those who have a more impulsive personality may have a higher chance at a substance-abuse personality (Comer, 2011 pg306 P2).
Looking at the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV TR, Lohan would lay in both AXIS I and AXIS II. She has a life that adds stress due to the pressure of being in the lime light, so this could result in having anxiety. On Axis II, Lohan falls under having a personality disorder. She would be most likely be diagnosed with dependent personality disorder based on her need to be around people at all times.
Lohan has many signs of having borderline personality disorder. She has learned to self-medicate her disorder by drinking and partying and filling her life with the chaos we see in the news. Lohan found a way to deal with her stress that comes about from her demanding job and lifestyle in ways that may seem abnormal to an outsider. She has also learned a coping mechanism to deal with her failed relationship with her father by resorting to partying at all hours of the night which includes major drinking binges and also drugs. She has also become much attached to her friends, so much so that she is dependent on them.
Lohan began to shows signs of alcoholism and drug addiction in her late...

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