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A Helpful Guide to Essay Writing!
By Vivien Perutz





Part 1 – structure and organisation


A good essay structure
A model essay structure
Essay writing – the main stages
Stage 1 – analysing the question
Key words in essay titles
Stage 2 – planning
Stage 3 – use your plan to guide your research
Stage 4 – refine your plan
Stage 5 – drafting
Stage 6 – editing your draft
Useful linking words and phrases


Part 2 – style and clarity


Academic writing style
Descriptive writing
Argumentative writing
Evaluative writing
Using personal experience
A ...view middle of the document...

If, however, you
are fairly new to essay writing and not very confident about it, you might
find it helpful to follow the suggested stages on pages 6 – 13.


A good essay structure
• Is made easier by prior planning.
• Makes it clear how you are going to address the question, where you
are going and why.
• Sets out your main ideas clearly.
• Makes it clear how the main ideas relate to each other.
• Takes the reader through your answer in a logical, progressive way.
• Helps the reader to remember what you have said.
• Organises groups of related information in paragraphs.
• Uses connecting words and phrases to relate each point/idea to
earlier and later points (see page 12).
A model essay structure

Arouse the reader’s interest
Set the scene
Explain how you interpret the question set
Define or explain key terms if necessary
Give a brief outline of which issues you will explore, and in which

Argument/Main Body
Contains the points outlined in your introduction, divided into
• Paragraph 1
Covers the first thing you said you would address.
The first sentence (the topic sentence) introduces the main idea of
the paragraph.

Other sentences develop the topic.
Include relevant examples, details, evidence, quotations, references.
• Paragraph 2 and other paragraphs
The first sentence links the paragraph to the previous paragraph
then introduces the main idea of the paragraph.
The Conclusion
Draw everything together
Summarise the main themes
State your general conclusions
Make it clear why those conclusions are important or significant
Do not introduce new material
In the last sentence, sum up your argument very briefly, linking it to
the title
• Set the issues in a broader perspective/wider context
• Discuss what you have failed to do – answers not clear, space
• Suggest further questions of your own

Essay writing – the main stages

Analyse the question


Make a rough outline plan


Use plan to guide research


Review, revise and refine the plan


Write first draft


Edit draft for structure and content


Edit draft for style


Check referencing


Proof read for spelling/punctuation


Produce final copy


Stage 1 - Analysing the essay question
• Read the question (aloud if it helps!) several times.
• Underline the words that tell you what approach to take
discuss, assess, compare – see key words below).


• Highlight key words relating to the subject matter.
• Circle any other significant words that identify the scope of what you
have to write about (e.g. simply, fundamentally, only, merely,
currently, respectively).
• Note any terms that you need to define.
• Write the question out in your own words.
• In your introduction say how you interpret the question (e.g. by
rephrasing in your own...

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