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Linus Pauling Biography And Detail Of His Life

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Linus PaulingIn 1901 a future great scientists was born in Portland, Oregon. Pauling's father died in 1911 leaving the family with very little money. After high school Pauling entered Oregon Agricultural College at Corvallis, which later became Oregon State University. He graduated in 1922 in chemical engineering. During college, he worked as a full-time assistant in researching quantum physics. Pauling became the only man ever to earn two Noble Prizes unshared. In 1954, he earned a Noble Laureate in Chemistry for his research into the nature of the chemical bond and its ...view middle of the document...

Pauling's first big step in science was his interest in atomic bonding. Pauling researched many years and explained very well the way atoms are bonded. At one point in his life, he helped the U.S. Navy with some explosives he made called linusite, used for missile propellants. Pauling also made great contributions in explaining protein-structure. During the 1950's Pauling began studying humanitarian issues. He began by studying human physiology. He was the first to say that smoking would decrease the average humans life span by eight years. Pauling made great contributions to the longevity of humans. Pauling spoke on the importance of certain vitamin especially Vitamin C. Overall, Pauling has made great contributions in a very diverse way.Pauling died in 1994 at the age of 93. Pauling has many books about many topics of his research. He also has notebooks of his writings at Oregon State University. Linus Carl Pauling was the best scientist in the 20th century and one of the best ever. Pauling never concentrated on one subject and always did studying to help mankind in some way. Pauling was never worried about fame, but just wanted to help out the world in some way. I think this is why Pauling was such a diversified scientist.Sources Cited 1.htmWorld Encyclopedia. 1994. Volume 22.

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