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List Of Bank Essay

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Bangladesh Bank raised the cash reserve requirement
Bangladesh Bank on Monday raised the cash reserve requirement by 50 basis points to 6.5 per cent for scheduled banks to curb inflationary pressure on the economy, said officials of the central bank on Monday.
A BB official told New Age that the central bank would mop up around Tk 3,000 crore from the banks by increasing the CRR, also known as cash reserve ratio, as the banks had excess liquidity amid a dull business condition.
Under the new rules, the scheduled banks will have to maintain 6.5 per cent CRR with the central bank ...view middle of the document...

02 per cent to 7.78 per cent as consumer price index of some food items rose, according to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics data.
The rate of inflation also increased by 0.32 per cent in May from that of 7.48 per cent in April this year.
Due to the excess liquidity, the scheduled banks are now investing Tk 6,500 to Tk 8,000 crore with the BB’s every auction of Reverse Repo, he said.
The banks invested Tk 6,927 crore with the rate of interest of 5.25 per cent in the Reverse Repo on June 19, according to the BB data.

Financial institutions
Private banks are the highest growth sector due to the dismal performances of government banks (above). They tend to offer better service and products. Here is the list:
1. AB Bank Limited
2. Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited
3. Bank Asia Limited
4. BRAC Bank Limited
5. Dhaka Bank Limited
6. Dutch Bangla Bank Limited
7. Eastern Bank Limited
8. IFIC Bank Limited
9. Jamuna Bank Limited
10. Meghna Bank Limited
11. Mercantile Bank Limited
12. Midland Bank Limited
13. Modhumoti Bank Limited
14. Mutual Trust Bank Limited
15. National Bank Limited
16. NCC Bank Limited
17. NRB Bank Limited
18. NRB Commercial Bank Limited
19. NRB Global Bank Limited
20. One Bank Limited
21. Prime Bank Limited
22. Pubali Bank Limited
23. South Bangla Agriculture and Commerce Bank Limited (
24. Southeast Bank Limited
25. Standard Bank Limited

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