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Information Literacy Assignment:

David Laylock

Humanities 102
Dr. Meng
April 16, 2014

Esther is about the girl who came to be the queen of Persia. It is a book that gives her story of how she became sovereign, starting out during a banquet that lasted one hundred and eighty days. This banquet was put on by the wealthy King Xerxes to show off to people the power and fortune that he held. The queen, at the time, denied to appear at this banquet and was ordered to be put to death, because of how angry the King was at this. The pursuit for a new queen is now on. This is where Esther comes into play. Esther was in a Beauty pageant put on by King Xerxes, and the king ...view middle of the document...

Haman thought he was talking about him, so he came up with an incredible reward that he wanted to get. Little did he know the reward was not for him, it was for Mordecai. When Haman finds this out he is livid that it was not for him, and especially because it was for Mordecai.
The second banquet comes now, and the king tells Esther that she can whatever, asking her what she wants again. She tells King Xerxes about Haman’s plans to kill the Jews. She announces that she is Jewish, so they must kill her also. The king is furious and orders Haman to be put to death at the spot Haman had made for Mordecai to be killed.
Mordecai becomes the new viceroy and takes Haman’s spot. The Jews then receive full security. Esther, with this single act, saves all of her Jewish people. This tells us that Esther was very daring in doing this, and served her God in a great way.
1. Information: The events described in the Book of Esther primarily occurred in Susa, the stronghold and principal capital of King Xerxes’s empire. Susa was located in an area known as Elam, which is now known as modern-day Iran. It was set 65 miles northeast of the Tigris River, north of the Persian Sea, and south of the Caspian Sea.
Source: Rasmussen, Carl G. Zondervan Atlas of the Bible. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2010. Print.
2. Information:
I. The Jews of Persia Are Threatened (1:1-5:14)
a. Life in Persia Is Dangerous (1:1-22)
i. Xerxes Is a Powerful and Dangerous King (1:1-8)
ii. Queen Vashti Defies Xerxes (1:9-12)
iii. The King and Nobles React to Vashti’s Disobedience (1:13-22)
b. Esther, Mordecai and Haman (2:1-3:15)
iv. Esther Is Made Queen of Persia (2:1-18)
v. Mordecai Foils an Assassination Attempt (2:19-23)
vi. Haman Issues a Decree of Death Against the Jews (3-1-15)
c. Esther’s Defining Moment (4:1-17)
vii. Mordecai Mourns Over Haman’s Decree (4:1-5)
viii. Mordecai Begs Esther to Intercede (4:6-14)
ix. Esther Call for a Three-Day Fast (4:15-17)
d. Esther’s Intervention (5:1-14)
x. Esther Appears Uninvited Before the King (5:1-5)
xi. Esther Prepares a Banquet for the King and Haman (5:5-7)
xii. Haman Builds a Gallows to Kill Mordecai (5:8-14)
II. The Reversal of Destiny (6:1-9:19)
e. The Reversal Begins (6:1-14)
xiii. The King Has a Sleepless Night (6:1-3)
xiv. Haman Seeks the King’s Permission to Kill Mordecai Immediately (6:4-9)
xv. Mordecai Is Honored Instead (6:10-14)
f. Haman Is Executed (7:1-10)
xvi. Esther Prepares a Second Banquet for the King and Haman (7:1-2)
xvii. Esther Reveals Her Jewish Identity and Accuses Haman (7:3-7)
xviii. The King Orders Haman to be Executed (7:8-10)
g. The Counter-Edict Is Issued (8:1-17)
xix. Esther Introduces Mordecai to the King (8:1)
xx. Mordecai Receives the Signet Ring...

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