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Literary Analysis

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Xiangyu Lin
Writing 101-801
Section 7 Literary Analysis-Powder by Tobias Wolff.

Tobias Wolff’s “Powder” is a fiction story which was written in 1996.It is about an irrefutable relationship between father and son. It took place on a ski trip around Christmas time, but they ended up stuck in the snow storm. The boy’s parents were on the verge of divorce at that time. The father knew how important it was to get home on time for Christmas Eve dinner or the boy’s mother would never forgive him, so he decided to take a risk to drive home even though the police had closed the mountain road they needed to travel over. The bond and relationship between father and son are heartwarming; the story ...view middle of the document...

He is more than willing to use his son to take down the barrier on the road before reminding his son that the kind of driving he participates in is only for some, and he is "a great driver." The father is also convinced that his actions and his character will buy him some leeway in the separation. The boy's father is unimpeded by the potential for negative consequences and does what he feels can be accomplished in a situation with little hesitancy.
Not much detail is provided for the mother outside of the introduction. She allows her son to go on this skiing trip with the boy's father with the promise that her son will be present at Christmas Eve dinner. The boy's description of the dinner made the event seem like a cherished tradition. The mother is in the middle of a separation, but allows her son to spend some time with his father after a "fight for the privilege of [his] company." I think the boy grows most in the story. I do not see a lot of change from the father and not much attention is paid to the mother or her development. The boy is hesitant and careful at the beginning of the story. After being told to do so, the boy moves the road block so the car can make it through when the authorities are out of sight. I think the boy is easily influenced by his father and desires to be home with his mother enough to validate the...

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