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A Doll House is a play by Norwegian poet Henrik Ibsen. Ibsen devoted his entire life to the theater. Ibsen is said to have changed the history of the stage. Henrik Ibsen was born March 20, 1828, in Skien. Around 1851 Ibsen accepted the position of theater poet at the National Theater. He was there for six years. In 1857 he became director of the Norwegian Theater in Christiania. He left Norway and did not return for almost thirty years. He became well known in Rome, and in Munich. Ibsen returned to Christiania, and he died on May 23, 1906. One of the most famous plays Ibsen wrote was A Doll House. Ibsen used many different techniques to write this play. One could not say that ...view middle of the document...

  Nora asks Torvald not to fire Krogstad.  Some time passes and once again Nora asks Torvald not to fire Krogstad and once again Torvald refuses.  He gives Krogstad’s pink slip to the maid to be mailed to Krogstad.  Torvald leaves to his study. Rank tells Nora that he is getting sicker and that he loves her.  Nora however can not say the same thing. Krogstad returns and he is very mad about being fired and leaves a letter to Torvald explaining Nora’s entire crime. Nora is scared.  Not knowing what to do Nora explains everything to Linde. Linde assures her that she will talk to Krogstad. During the dance, Linde finally get to talk to Krogstad. Linde and Krogstad get back together decides to forget about Nora borrowing money.  Shockingly Linde asks Krogstad not to ask for his letter back. She thinks Torvald needs to know of Nora’s criminal acts.  Torvald checks his letter box and finds some letters. Nora heads for the door to leave the study. But before she can get out the door, Torvald stopped her. He had read Krogstad’s letter.  He is very mad and swears never to love Nora again.  Just where you think that Nora is completely out on her own the maid comes in with a letter.  Torvald read the letter which is from Krogstad.  The letter states that Krogstad forgives Nora of her crime and will not reveal it.  Torvald burns the letter, and happily calls to Nora. He tells Nora that everything will be fine. This is the basic plot of the play. As you can see Ibsen really created a masterpiece when he wrote this play. I really enjoyed reading this play.
Ibsen really used symbols in this play to signify what he was feeling and wanting to get the viewers to comprehend. In the play, Ibsen establishes with the reader that Nora and her lifestyle symbolize a doll in a dollhouse.
“I have existed merely to perform tricks for you, Torvald. But you wanted it like that. You and father have committed a great sin against me. It is your fault that I have made nothing of my life. Our home has been nothing but a playroom. I have been your doll-wife, just as at home I was papa's doll-child; and here the children have been my dolls. I thought it great fun when you played with me, just as they thought it great fun when I played with them. That is what our marriage has been, Torvald. (Ibsen, 2007).
In the time frame that this play was wrote women were expected to love and obey their husbands. They worked at home and were really not allowed to work outside of the house. There only other job was to take care of the children. Nora’s every day life symbolizes that of a doll. Like a doll she is manipulated, ordered around and hardly ever get to leave the apartment. She wants control over her life, but in this time frame, women had no power. Dolls are in this same situation. A doll is placed in a doll house and is only able to get out if the person allows it to. Kristine, however, is the opposite of Nora. She lives on her own, and is not controlled by...

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