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Literary Forms Of Literature Essay

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ENG125: Introduction to Literature (GSH1346A)
Title: Death and Impermanence
Instructor: Emily Benson
Student: Nicholas Kalonda

There’s a wealth of life changing experiences from the two stories chosen from the topic, death and permanence, namely, “A Father’s story ( Dubus) and “ I used to live here Once” (Rhys).These two literary works would be the basis upon which this paper will be developed , comparing and contrasting their themes. Although each of these stories were written by different authors with no literal similarities, the two stories both portray similarities in theme and both share in similarities through the use of symbols. In all essence both stories give a glimpse of ...view middle of the document...

Then I’m alone again, or I’d appear it someone crept up to the house and looked through the window and smoking cigarettes, starring out at the dark woods across the road, listening to a grieving soprano. In comparison to the story, “I used to live there Once” the story opens with the somber tone, somewhat dark and gloomy. The woman appeared to be a solemn state as the story unfolds. “She was standing by the river looking at the stepping stones remembering each one .There was round unsteady stone, the pointed one, the flat one, the safe stone where you could stand and look around .The next wasn’t so safe for when the river was full the water flowed over it and even when it showed dry it was slippery…and she was standing on the other side as if in face of some new chapter of life or unfamiliar territory, except even this sublime pinnacle of life, there are still a few patches of to trace to her past.”

This remarkable similarity of literal mechanics descriptive usage of imagery and metaphoric terminologies sets a convincing tone to suggest that both characters in the story –A father’s story and – I once used to live there, suggest to the reader the vulnerability of human frailty in coping with life’s uncertainties through the life’s perilous journey of life. Life at its best provides, graceful but fleeting moments of tranquility which quickly becomes overshadowed with other life perplexities. Thus the tone and the use of metaphor creates a recurring theme the characters adapting to the unavoidable changes that they have to accept or settle with at a later stage in life or in another life, in case of the woman in the story, “ I once used to live here” ( Rhys).
With this somber theme of looming fears of uncertainty, the two stories are stretches through the pages as a unifying idea in the two artistic works. In each of these literary works the authors diverge extensively in the use of symbolic expression, tone, character, setting and point of view that seem to haunt and dictate the fate of Luke Ripley and the woman as it were by some forces bigger than they could restrain except but to follow the whole course, even if it meant taking a trip to perdition.
The environment which the two stories were narrated helped to enrich the reader’s anticipation. Through a care careful mastery of setting, the narrator in each story succeeds in isolating the reader from the hustles and distraction from the reader’s mind and helps them to personalize and anticipate what was further ahead in the story’s entirety. In the story “ I used to live here once” the sentence, “She was standing by the river and looking at the stepping stones and remembering each one.” Couldn’t have been more classical in drawing the reader’s attention and gravitate at what was to follow in the succeeding pages. Equally in the story- A father’s story, we read, “The room faces the lawn and the road, a two- lane country road. When the cars come from around the curve northwest of the house,...

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