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Literary Masterpieces Essay

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Literacy Masterpiece Expectations
English 106
March 11, 2013

Literary Masterpiece Expectations
Hearing the words, “Literary Masterpiece” was quite intimidating when I first discovered I would be taking this class for my degree. I did not have the most pleasant experience with reading literature until my freshman year. I was certain that I would not understand “old books,” they would be boring and last the “cool” kids did not ...view middle of the document...

I would picture old men in dusty libraries with reading glasses hanging from their noses. That was the image that television would show of literature in general, they implied that reading was not fun and only for old people. A bad experience with anything in life can put a sour taste in anyone’s mouth. This is also true of reading literature, how the story is written, the author’s personal biography or even the topic of the literature. Those reasons along with others can put someone off on a certain literature. Opening my mind and taking a chance, I overcame this hurdle. Once I did this, I saw all that these masterpieces had to offer not just to me, but everyone. They simply put me into a time in the past or future, tell stories of things that have occurred or may occur in the future.
Literature in Society
I believe all of these characteristics are important in all literature. I wish others could see literature the way that I do, as a drug-free way to escape reality. In a few pages, I can be off to a new world and learning new and exciting things. There are many characteristics that can be seen in some literary masterpieces, they teach about love, loss, and values to name a few. These...

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