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Literature Essay

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Phase5 IP Literature: Reflecting on the big picture
Professor Wright
Terralyn Montgomery
May 7, 2015

Literature can be defined as creative writing from creative imaginations. Poetry, non-fiction, fiction, and drama are literature works. It describes tradition and cultures beginning centuries ago. “Saving Sourdi” was set in the United States of America. It takes place at the family operated restaurant. Literature affects people personally according to their current area of their life. It all depends on one’s ability to want to learn literature. We will always find a work of literature that shows values, morale, and attitudes of society.
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(Hawthrone,1843,p.304) “The Birthmark” was my favorite story. I chose the story because it reflects on how some people are still being treated today because of their birth defects. If you don’t love yourself then who will love you because people don’t always treat you the same as others. People can cause you to lose yourself if you let them.
“Dog’s Death” imagery was introduce when the narrator stated that the dog first to allow readers to understand that the newspapers were her training device. Updike used personification as the figure of speech where he gave the dog human qualities. Personification was also used to stress the emotional effect of losing someone you love dearly. The three symbols stood out the most were the dog, diarrhea, and newspaper. The dog symbolized the end of a dog’s life while taking his final breath. Diarrhea represents the dog’s final bowel movement. The newspaper represent even though the dog was in pain he wanted to show his owners he learned correctly. In his poem “The Dog’s Death” John Updike writes: Of diarrhea and had dragged across the floor/ To a newspaper carelessly left there. Good Dog. (Updike, 1969, 19-20) John Updike poem was formal language written in a contemporary dialect. In his poem “The Dog’s Death” John Updike writes: Nevertheless she sank and, stiffening, disappeared.(Updike, 1969, 16) The tone of the story is about the final breath of a dying dog. The speaker is melancholic, as the owner grieves over the beloved dog. “Dog’s Death” theme is a true definition of a Man’s best friend. The dog was dying with nothing left but his soul but still choose to be obedience to his family. When listening to this poem the narrator makes you feel as if it’s your dog.
“Trifles” is a play written in 1916 by Susan Glaspell. The setting took place in the kitchen at the farmhouse of Mr. and Mrs. Wright during the winter. “The kitchen in now abandoned farmhouse of John Wright a gloomy kitchen, and left without having been put in order-unwanted pans under the sink ,a loaf of bread outside the bread box ,a dish towel on the table-other signs of incompleted work” (Gllaspell,1916,p.606). The characters in “Trifles” shows that sometimes we as humans need to learn when people show signs of depression. George Henderson can be described as a young middle class man who is the County Attorney for the town. Henry Peters is a middle-aged man who lives in a nearby farmhouse. He is the towns Sheriff and trying figure out how did John Wright come up dead. Lewis Hale is John Wright’s neighbor hoping he would go half on a party telephone. Mr. Hale was the one who found both Mr. Wright dead in his bed.
The exposition occurred when Hale discovers the murder that has taken place and the murder is the force of the plot. The rising action occurred when Mrs. Hale discovers the bird cage. She didn’t know Mrs. Wright owned in the first place because it’s been a whole year since she has visited the house. As the play goes on...

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