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Literature Facts Essay

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Quick Facts About the Region II and Cagayan


Land Area: Cagayan Province, including the Babuyan Island Group, is approximately 900,270 hectares, the second largest in terms of land area in Region II, and constitutes about 3% of the total land area of the Philippines.

Physical/Political Boundaries: The Balintang Channel, North of the Babuyan Islands, forms the boundary between the provinces of Cagayan and Batanes. The northern portion of Cagayan mainland opens to the China Sea, and on the east it faces the Philippine Sea. The Sierra Madre Mountains froms its rugged and mountanous eastern coast. Cagayan is bounded on the south by the Province of Isabela. The Cordilleras enclose its southwestern part, bordering on the Province of Kalinga, and its northeastern part bordering on the Province of Apayao.Political Districts/Barangays: 1 city, 28 ...view middle of the document...


Sta. Ana

Land Area: approximately 441.3 square kilometers representing 4.90% of the total area of Cagayan.
Physical/Political Boundaries: Bounded on the north and east by Pacific Ocean, on the west by the Babuyan Island and on the south by the municipality of Gonzaga.
Political Districts/Barangay: 16 Barangays
Population: 18,640 (as of 1995 census) projected at 19,000+ to date
Population Growth Rate: annual population growth rate of around 3.7%
Population Density: 0.53 as of 1995
Health Facilities: 6 governemnt-owned health centers and 3 private clinics
Schools (as of 1993): 10 public primary schools, 7 elementary schools, 2 secondary schools and a private tertiary school.
Number of Establishments:
Manufacturing: 71 (as 0f 1993)
Whoselsale and Retail Trade: 5
Community Social and Related Service: 4
Protective Services: 17 PNP Personnel supplemented by a Philippine Army battalion, 41 Philippine Navy and Coast Guard Personnel.
Commerce and Industry (Agricultural and Limited Aquatic/Aquaticulture):
Palay: Total production is 6,000 MT.
Corn: Total production is 1,758 MT Vegetables and legumnes: total production is 438 MT.
Rootcrops: Total production is 110 MT.
Fruits: Total production is 43,761.75 MT.

Fuga Islands (Including Mabbag and Baritt Islands)

Land Area: 10,000 hectares
Physical/Political Boundaries: Surrounded by the Luzon Strait, South China Sea and the Philippine Sea.
Political Districts: 3 island towns: Fuga, Mabbag and Baritt
Population: 1,419 (as of 1995)
Population Growth Rate: 0.94%
Population Density: 0.14
Health Facilities: 1 District Hospital, 4 barangay health stations and 4 private clinics
Schools: 3 elementary schools, 2 secondary schools
Commerce and Industry:
Fish Products Industry: Fish processing and “bagoong”-making pre-occupy a large sector of the labor community.
Market and Trading Centers: Mostly wholesale and retail trading


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