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From Geoffrey Lean’s article, we learn that the weather divides England into the drier South and East and the wetter North and West. The phrase “we are two nations when it comes to weather” shows how England is split in two because of our varying weather patterns. We learn that in certain parts of England, drought is a major factor as the amount of rainfall in the South and East is very low. We also learn that as there is a greater accumulation of rain in the North and West, there is a larger risk of flooding.

We also learn that England is to be built up even more. This is shown by the phrase “Another one and a half million homes have been planned for the overcrowded region over the next 15 years”. This shows us that the Government are planning to further increase the problem by using up the little space we have left by building even more housing. This increases the flood risk in most ...view middle of the document...

The phrase “ As the South East gets drier, the damper part of the country is likely to suffer increasing floods” shows how the dryness in one part of the country leads to increasing rainfall in other parts. We learn that as the South and East of the country is the driest part, the North and the West will therefore feel the opposite side effects.

The first thought of Christopher Ondaatje was that where he was formed part of history. The phrase “on an inlet of a huge and beautiful expanse of water and thought about the role this mighty lake had played in the great explorations of the past” shows how they are very pleased to be a small part of previous explorations of Lake Victoria. He obviously thought about how he is following in the footsteps of some famous explorers and feels very euphoric because of this.

Also, Christopher shows feelings of wanting to stay where he is forever. The phrase “This would be a good way to start every morning” shows how he feels the way he has awoken on this day is something he would like to continue. He says this as he feels where he is is beautiful and peaceful. His thoughts show that he is pleased with where he is and he never wants to leave it.

As well as this, he thinks about the people on the boat. “The people pressed up against the front of the ferry, along the sides and against the rails” shows how Christopher feels that there are lots of people and that there is hardly any space left. It shows how he feels that people must be desperate to get on the ferry as there is obviously such as tight squeeze and not much room to move. He also shows thoughts of there being no space on the ferry, outlining his doubts at whether he will be able to fit on.

Finally, Christopher shows some feelings of worry. The phrase “I wondered how much this decrepit old ferry boat could carry” shows how he is worried he may not make it across Lake Victoria. This shows us how much he wants to make the journey across the lake, meaning he would do anything to make it. As the ferry is the only way across, it shows how Christopher feels he must make it even though his thoughts are rational about how safe the ferry is.

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