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Literature Program Essay

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Literature Program
Jane Wilson
ECE335 Children’s Literature
Instructor: Jamie Worthington
December 12, 2011

The primary goal of a literature program is to create the love of literature. It is said that children who enjoy literature will become life-long readers and learners. I will define the criteria for selecting literature titles, identify developmental goals that support the, and describe activities and teaching strategies that support at least one developmental goal for each area of development.
There are several things you would look at when evaluating fiction. You would look at the following; strengths and weaknesses in plot, setting, characterization, ...view middle of the document...

Each part of the story should be related to another part of the story.
Organization, accurate presentation of facts, and current information are the main components that will be looked at when accessing a nonfiction book. When evaluating nonfiction you will want to make sure that you are accessing the books with the highest standards. These stories should be accurate and thorough.
Nonfiction books are about real life things and events and are learning opportunities for children. When presenting nonfiction books to children there should be an understanding that these events are real and about real things. The books are almost like documentary in a hardcover.
When evaluating literature on CD-ROM or the computer you have to make sure that the material is age appropriate. You will want to find programs that the children that you are working with can relate to. Things such as a CD-Rom that is a Christmas game or Chanukah game can be fun for the children.
Reading to children is known to help develop their vocabulary. Children listening to stories are being exposed to language that they normally would not hear. This helps them to develop a more vast vocabulary than what they would if they were not read to. A child’s ability to read starts before first grade which is why it is important that we are reading to children during their preschool years (Strickland, & Riley-Ayers, n.d.). It a well known fact that early literacy success is linked with success in school in the later years (Strickland and Riley-Ayers, n.d.).
One long-term goal for language development is that children will enjoy the creative and aesthetic use of language (Giorgis, & Glazer, 2009). They will become lifelong readers and appreciators of literature. This will help...

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