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Little Shop Of Horrors Review

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An odd hungry plant that sings. A macho motorcycle riding, woman and nitrous oxide abusing dentist. And a strangely omniscient trio of doo wop girls. Then on a random day a lifeless flower shop gets a rude awakening as Loyola-Blakefield high school presents, “The Little Shop of Horrors”.

“The Little Shop of Horrors” debuted in 1960 as a film then turned into a play in 1986 on Off-Broadway and soared to success from there. The once Off-Broadway play was soon shifted to a film then a Broadway revival. This fun musical is about a guy named Seymour who works at a flower shop that is a “desert town”, and seeks a way to get his job site famous and rich. He discovers a mysterious plant that has abilities that he doesn’t even know of. Little do he know is this plant feeds off of human blood. Fame and fortune comes into Mushnik Flower Shop. After giving the plant a few drops of his blood, the plant grows and wants me, gaining the ability ...view middle of the document...

The make up was superb, and the costumes had you thinking, “What’s next”. There was a small difficulty with the microphones after an encounter during the show. There was a disco ball in the scene and I really loved that part. Also the small plant that was dancing was pretty impressive!

AJ Unitas made miracles as local flower shop employee Seymour. His energy was very high and weird. Sometimes during a music number you would catch him jumping on top of a table and dancing or feeding Audrey 2. He created comedy not only with his lines but also with his appearance and body language. The big glasses and the hunched back showed his dedication to his piece. One of his memorable lines were, “through all the bruises and make up I know what I saw in you”. This line really clings and even though its serious it was also played as funny. His leading counterpart, Megan Henderson (Audrey) was the right person to create this odd duo. She had finessed great vocals and stage presence. Her dizziness really was expressed in her character.

Connor Manning (Orin) was the guy to make in act one. When would you ever run into a woman abusing, motorcycle riding, laughing gas addict, serious but funny, dentist? Well Connor was funny and even his musical numbers were. The hair swooped around his face, and his appearance made you remember who he was. Now if you wanted a soul stirring sultry singer? Jason Jennings-Wright is all you had to ask for. Never seen on stage, he played the voice of Audrey 2, his voice was recognized. His voice sounded like a modern version of Charlie Wilson and it really worked! When he wasn’t singing he was talking, and usually brought a lot of laughs to the audience. Jennings-Wright did a fantastic job doing his performance. Adam Connor was a featured actor in this play but his time on stage was phenomenal! Playing as Mrs. Luce (sounds funny that he played a Mrs.) he created a character and dedicated himself to his role as well. As far as the shaving of his legs! He was very funny and his body gestures were outrageous.

Tech did a good job, even with the minor malfunctions. Lighting and sound wasn’t the best but the make up, costumes, and the production itself overshadowed the minor problems.

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