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Live Like A Dog, Alone Essay

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Live Like a Dog, Alone
The text “Live Like a Dog, Alone” by Fay Weldon, is about the cheerful, lonely and self-assured lady, Miriam at the age of 55.
She has a stressful job, which has turned her in to a regular at the Casualty because of her heart. She has been married once and been voted Businesswoman of the Year. Many things has happened to her through out her life, and as we read the text we got to know her and her inner thoughts as she tells her story to a minicab driver.
The story is characterized by dialogs and long passages where we are following Miriam’s thoughts. We have inner sights at her as well and get to know her feelings and experiences.
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She paid him off.
In the end right befor they reaches her house they have been talking so much that they were now quite comfortable in eachothers company. And she mentions thtah she really wants to go home and get some sleep. She has to get up for a meeting in the morning. The driver is chocked. When you are alone you have to take care of your self he says. And he is right according to doctors, you have to relax. She had just been discharged and wants to start working immediately. But she tells him her favorite slogan “It is self-pity which ages a person” (p. 3 l. 33).
The atmosphere changes to warm and cosy, and he turn to smile at her, turns the meter off. And as they drive up the driveway she thought if she asked him in, then they will end up having sex, get married and he will run off with another woman his age and with the same background. So she lies and tells him that her husband is home. He ends up asking anyway and hits her only weak spot when he says that he would never let his woman go to...

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