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Living Beyond Your Means Essay

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The brilliant yet controversial creators of South Park conceived a germane satire about the American recession and consumerism. The episode “Margaretville” tells of the recession stricken South Park and the reaction that follows draws many parallels to the situation with the modern American economy. With theme and costuming the creators strengthen the plot with humorous visions of a society that live with bare essentials in response to the economic recession. The main plot is where the antagonist Randy Marsh lays his own groundwork on the resolution to the recent down turn, but it is where the hero Kyle whom has differing philosophy’s about the solution to the recession giving ...view middle of the document...

This makes sense to the viewer because close to 73 percent (The Pew Form) of Americans are considered Christian, so a basic understanding on how Jesus was persecuted is very much basic knowledge. With the stricken recession of America it is an accepted idea that we should not spend any more money much like that of the situation in South Park. Therefore Americans can relate to what it feels like to be almost in “Cloaks” and “Robes” at times and this is exactly what the episode’s statement is. What is very much noted is when the Kyle makes the ultimate sacrifice taking on everyone’s debt the town of South Park ditches the robes and wear their same old clothes and shopping at the mall buying ridiculous possessions that very much got them into the situation they were just in. So not only can Americans relate to the biblical references, but very much relate on how the economic downturn has put them in a place of living on bare essentials very much like the toga wearing people of South Park. The very immense underling problem that puts South Park into the togas and robes is how naïve American consumerism is.
In a sub-plot aside of Randy and Kyle’s debate on how to fix the South Park economy Stan Randy’s son is trying to return a poorly financed “Margaretville” mixer that ironically Randy has failed to pay off. The Margaritaville mixer is a metaphor for American consumerism along with the housing bubble, which is discussed by many that, was to fault in putting America into the recession. The idea behind this metaphor was Americans by needless objects like the ridiculous Margarita mixers that basically are just a mixer that is overpriced. When failing to pay off the object bought it is much to point fingers rather at themselves who were actually the ones who put themselves in the situation. With Stan trying to return this poorly financed and out right moronic purchase, he finds himself not getting his father's money back because the mixer along with many others which were failed to be paid off. He finds out his mixer has been packaged along with the others and sold to someone ells like mortgage-backed securities. With all of the failures of not paying the Margaritavilles this may be to blame for the South Park recession. The housing bubble was in some ways do to incredibly poorly financed homes that people could not sell off, putting people into financial debt like that of the Margaritavilles of South Park and instead of blaming themselves due to their consumerism hunger they like to blame the government. It is just not homes that are being bought and not properly financed it can also be found in cars and other consumer goods. How many times do you see people who are rich go bankrupt do to unneeded purchases and still happened to be rich after it all ended? American consumerism can be explained in some short words as greedy, but in a sense also naïve. With not the proper education on financing some Americans take on financial ventures...

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