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My name is John Roias. I can’t remember exactly when this began; but I feel like I am living in a dream. I don’t know how I got here. Last time I saw a building, a car, a Dunkin donuts, a McDonald's, a tiled floor well…..let me just keep explaining how this came about. It was last Tuesday, and Western History class just ended. I was walking out of class and proceeded to go down the stairs to meet my friend in the quad. As I opened the two doors to leave Gage Hall I felt my feet slowly drag away from the carpet floor, the flow of my blood through my vessels felt different, my heartbeat was beating faster and faster as my breathing became harder, I couldn’t move. As much as I wanted to ...view middle of the document...

It’s bright and early. The sun is out, the wind is steadily blowing and everybody is working hard in this scorching heat. Across from the court yard I see five men working in the farm. With their calloused hands gripped to stone like shovel they began to slowly turn the dirt over. After each rotation of the shovel, there was a certain willpower they had for life that was unknown to me. Every dirt pile that was flanged to the side and every dirt hole that was filled and stomped on made me feel hopeful and humble. Seeing these people work in this scorching heat with no breaks, made me appreciate the life my parents had created for me. That means food on the table and a proper place to sleep every night. The way they constantly bent down and dug their swollen fingers into the ground without showing any occurrence of pain, I knew there was a purpose for everything. It was simple. These men did what ever they could to survive. Their body language and facial expressions convey a strong message that I could only relate to loss, bereavement, discomfort, and helplessness. I know for a fact they were forced to be here. The people who were working in the farms, aqueduct systems, roads and houses, they all look like they come from a certain tribe.

As I walked closer to the court yard and around the mud brick house I noticed two men working on a tall wall to keep burglars away. I took three steps back, and took a fleeting look back into the courtyard and noticed three girls playing tag. Some girls who were closer to the farms were weaving and sculpting. I noticed a huge comparison. In this society that I have been brought upon there are different class groups, the rich and poor. It is evident that the slaves and poor people of this society live more near the sea. The girls that were running around in the court yard derive from rich families. These children were wearing a long white dress made from expensive material.

I now had made my way up the hill to a local market and where everybody is gathered together. In other terms I heard “polis” being passed around. As I entered the market I felt intimated by the look on everyone’s face. Back in elementary school I remember my teachers lecturing me about the importance of law. I remember her telling me that in ancient times if you steal something they will cut your hand off or throw you in prison. I was not looking for trouble. The smell coming from the dead fish that lay in the corner of the room, mixed with the smell of mashed olives made me want to vomit. As much as I wanted to I held it in. I didn’t want anyone to feel disrespected.

I bought some blue fish, and some red seedless grapes. The man gave me the price and inexpertly I understood what he was saying. His name was Antonius. This man was dressed in the most expensive material I have seen thus far and wearing the most ostentatious bracelets. It is apparent that this is man is one of the wealthiest men around this polis. I...

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