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Generally speaking, community is formed by those people from different regions and different ethnic groups who get together because of accordance of there religious faiths. It is an independent community made up of those people who share specific life style and sense of belonging in a fixed region. In other words, it is a social entity or social organization which is united according to a set of standards and system in a fixed region.
On one hand, community is one of the most beautiful realities- brothers and sisters loving and being together. On the other hand, it is also one of the most difficult to accomplish. Specially, there are two enemies of community for us: those people we call our enemies and those we call our “friends”.(Page 99)
We all know that enemies are ubiquitous. Yet enmity brings destruction of community, for where there is enmity there are factions.(page 100)However, This is to be expected, because God does not call together ...view middle of the document...

As far as I am concerned, not only religion but also morality plays an important role in community. In the early primitive community initial stage when real religion system has not yet formed, morality had been existed and been widely used in gregarious life of human beings, such as primitive men gave special treatment to the old and the weak, be kind to kindred and be loyal to clan. All these are fundamental moralities and necessary behavior norms in community life of human beings. When there is no morality, there is no gregarious life of human beings, so morality is a kind of ideology which has been existent since the start of gregarious life of human beings and run through the development of human beings from beginning to end, and it is the most fundamental one. However, human beings are still the most typical gregarious creature up to this day. Modern scientific researches even find that morality not only exists in community of human beings, and there are unique moral norms in many other animal communities. Variety kinds of mammals are born with inherent sense of justice. Many of them are sympathetic and they are willing to help other unfortunate companions. This may explain that morality is a king of instinct and essential condition of higher animals’ communities.
Take the Muslim Community in America for instance. The 911 terrorist attacks had once brought huge impact and influence to the community. Although the Muslim Community reached a high degree of integration, the process is not successful, and it is influenced even by multiple factors and faced with severe challenges in certain periods and some areas. In the meanwhile, the whole Muslim Community search for coping strategy positively and stick to the integration strategy as they always do. Moreover, the mainstream society also needs to view and reflect on itself whether or not it has reflected the American values of freedom、equality and justice, whether or not stick to cultural pluralism practically and carry forward American values with religious minority groups.
Moreover, this kind of social integration reflects the principle of convergence in community’s cultural acculturation, and that is a kind of sense of belonging and sense of identity of culture.

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