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Logistics Essay

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In a global economy, logistics is the secret to opening markets, satisfying customers, creating sustainable supply chains and avoiding volcanic eruptions. (Story below.) It wasn’t long ago that the most important rule of business was “location is everything.” If you had location in your favor, you were more or less protected against competitors of every shape and size. Things are different now. Business is global in a way we could only imagine ten years ago. Markets are everywhere and new ones open constantly. Suppliers shift, supply chains adapt. And location has been supplanted ...view middle of the document...

One top-of-mind example: when the volcano Eyjafjallajökull erupted unexpectedly — abruptly shutting down air traffic over most of Northern Europe — UPS was able to quickly reroute many of our shipments automatically from air to ground. Our customers didn’t have critical parts sitting out on the tarmac, and their supply chains kept supplying. Of course, in a global economy it’s not just the unforeseen problems that logistics can help with. It’s everyday headaches like customs Global reach: UPS has one of the world’s largest air fleets. And yet, even entrepreneurs working out of their basements can take advantage of the power of logistics via The UPS Store®. Tens of thousands of them do — allowing very small businesses to run highly complex and highly professional operations with customers and suppliers across the planet.

Logistics is the art and science of getting things exactly where they need to be exactly when they need to be there. Logistics is how you reach out to new customers and connect with new markets.

Essentially, we have entered the era of Logistics For All. A time when virtually any company of any size will have to understand the power of logistics and how to put it to work for them. A rather enormous challenge. But in the end, all you really need to know

We invest a billion dollars a year in technology. You benefit. Logistics is how you make your current customers happier and save money — potentially a lot of money — in the...

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