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Long Way Gone Research Report

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Long Way Gone Research Report

The life of a child soldier can be terrible they are taken from their homes and their families and can be mentally and physically damaged with everything the rebels force them to do. Anyone under the age of eighteen is considered a child solider. Everyone in the village is affected greatly when the rebels come and raid their towns children are killed or kidnapped and forced to battle, to have to see any of this occur would haunt anyone for life. When captured they are made to carry heavy loads and walk great distances with hardly any food or water, if they cannot keep up with the pack they are usually shot and killed. No person let a lone a child should have to endure this lifestyle. Any child that attempts an ...view middle of the document...

Anyone under eighteen that is unemployed may feel the need to join to rebels in order to help serve there families with the necessities of life, these children may feel that it is the only way that their families survive it for another day. This should not be the only option they see available to them. To give an example In Sri Lanka a group of rebels called the “Tamil Tigers” would kidnap girls as young as eleven years old. They are taken from their towns or when they are out in the bush, and once captured the rebels will force them to fight. These children are treated like servants by the rebels as well as fellow soldiers. Because the children are so young these rebels or in this case “Tamil Tigers” have no problem manipulating the children using fear and threats and even in some cases death. The rebels do not care about the age of their child soldiers as long as they are strong and able to hold a gun.
Child soldiers must obey all commands, if not the rebels will eventually drill that idea into there heads. In the rebels eyes the children are all the same to them, all there to serve them and fight their battles. They feel no mercy towards the children they capture.

Those children taken by the rebels are treated like dogs, they are also worked to the point of exhaustion or death, forced to learn how to fight and to be able to answer the bell at any given time. They are expected to do whatever is asked of them no matter how brutal or horrible it may be. The rebels are violating the rights of these children. Children are entitled to certain rights they include: food, water, shelter, clothing, medical assistance and most of all protection, not to have to protect others! These are the basic rights any child deserves and should have.
In conclusion

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