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Longer Or Shorter Classes? Essay

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Shorter Classes or Longer Classes?
One controversial topic involving education is the length of class time. Some people who like the longer classes prefer those because they believe there will be more actual learning and have more time to absorb the information. They think that with longer classes students are able to get their work done in class. Also, if they have any questions then the teacher is able to further explain without worrying about how much time is left. While these benefits of long classes seem suitable for pupils, there are cons that come with them as well. Majority of students would not be able to sit in a class for a long period of time. After a while they will start to lose focus and instead they will count down to the end of class. Not only will they lose focus but they will be grumpy because they are exhausted from the material thrown at them. If ...view middle of the document...

Since there will be spare time at the end of the day pupils can have the opportunity to obtain additional help if needed. School takes up a lot of time in their life already so there is no need to lengthen the classes even more. It will be difficult to balance school work, family time, and other events. Shorter classes can satisfy students more because there would be a reduction of stress. They would not worry about having no time to finish anything at home. In addition to reduced stress, they will have the chance to get the required sleep they need. Some people stay up late because they do not have time to finish assignments earlier for various reasons. With shorter classes they can complete tasks and squeeze in the seven or eight hours they need to function the next day.
Although there are some positive things in longer classes, short classes are overall better for pupils. With longer classes the students have more time to learn the material and teachers can expand their teaching methods. But sitting in a classroom for a long period of time will affect students’ behavior and make them lose concentration. Short classes are better because of many beneficial reasons. They have more time to accomplish anything that needs to be done after school. Many students play sports or work which takes up a lot of their free time. Some teachers give out time consuming assignments and it can be difficult for students to complete it. This can cause stress and create lack of sleep. Short classes may help the sleep deficiency and stress with time problem because they allow more out-of-school time. Proper sleep and less stress contribute to better health. When people wake up feeling good and energized then they will have a better day. They will function better in school and have a more desirable attitude. That is much greater because it creates a nice atmosphere and no one wants to be surrounded around cranky, exhausted, and worn-out people. Therefore, short classes have positive effects and should be preferred over long classes.

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