Look At The Way A Theme Or Character Is Presented In Your Chosen Text. Include In Your Response Any Social, Cultural And Historical Contexts That Are Important To Your Understanding Of The Theme Or Character

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Look at the way a theme or character is presented in your chosen text. Include in your response any social, cultural and historical contexts that are important to your understanding of the theme or character.

The character I have chosen to write about is Candy in the novel ‘Of Mice and Men’ by John Steinbeck.

Candy is sort of like a narrator in the beginning of the story. He is the oldest ranch hand in the novel, who knows just about everything about everyone! He provides George with all the information he needs to know about most of the people on the ranch and the reader learns a lot from this too.

Candy has lost his hand in a farm accident. Having only one hand means he is only ...view middle of the document...

Steinbeck himself began a dream, studying at university, but never graduated as he ran out of money. Many people moved to the West, working on ranches such as in the novel as they travelled towards a dream which they rarely found. This was often a lonely way to live and miles away from family.
Similarly, Candy is lonely and isolated. The theme of loneliness runs throughout all the characters in one way or another. They are all on the edge of society in some way Candy shows us this in the way he clings to his dog even though the dog is old and smelly and should be put down. When the group of ranch hands decide to put down Candy's dog, Candy struggles for a reason to keep him alive.
‘Candy looked for help from face to face.’
(Page 45)
Candy’s dog is shot in the back of the neck, which is actually a very important thing to note, as this way of shooting him is not only a foolproof way of dying painlessly but also because this is exactly how George shoots Lennie in the end of the book to ensure he dies painlessly. Both are killings for mercy.

‘I ought to of shot that dog myself, George. I shouldn't ought to of let no stranger shoot my dog.’

(Page 61)

This is one of the most important quotes that Candy...

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