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How does Shakespeare present the theme off loss in ‘Macbeth’?
In the play ‘Macbeth’ Shakespeare incorporates the theme of loss in many different ways. Shakespeare includes several different types of loss, each presenting multiple challenges to individual characters; these are inflicted by emotional and personal losses. This theme of loss also helped the reader a better understanding on the play at the very beginning the inevitable downfall and tragedy is foreshadowed. The theme helped create a tragic setting for the play for the main protagonist, Macbeth, who during the play we had seen rise then inevitably hit rock bottom.
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Macbeth never felt the same guilt when he dealt an order to kill Banquo, this displays a loss beyond repair, his innocence his non-existent and his identity has completely changed, he isn’t the same man as the start of the play. We notice this as he claims “Must embrace the fate of that dark hour.” This depicts how he lost himself, and the paranoia that has built up, where the need to kill for his own personal gain is more important than the life of his closest friend, yet not the slightest hint of emotion or guilt was revealed.
As the play continues, so does the uncontrollable spiralling of main protagonist, Macbeth. The losses mount up and he loses everyone that cared or respected him. This is clearly revealed to us during a conversation between Macduff and Malcolm, “I have lost my hopes…And the rich east to foot.” This indicates the desperation Macduff has built up to take down Macbeth. All respect that was originally present had been wiped away and replaced by fear and anger has he reaches out to Malcolm for help.
Macbeth also lost the only family known to him in the play, Lady Macbeth. It was very clear how much Macbeth cared for her, as he listens to her she twists his mind and idea, which somehow convinced the protagonist to hill the king; to whom he was loyal to. This could have been the first step on the ladder of downfall for both characters. He begins to lose her metaphorically before losing her physically, she starts to lose her sanity due to the guilt that appeared after their terrible crime they had committed, which eventually drives her to breaking point where she takes her own life, and now Macbeth loses her for good.
As Macbeth’s situation escalates, he does something almost unrecognisable to his current status of...

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