Lost And Found Essay

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Lost and Found
“Ella, did you take the last cookie from the jar?” Mother said with an accusing tone.
“No Mommy, I promise.” Ella is 6, and she is telling the truth. Ten years later...
“Ella, did you take the last cookie from the jar?”
“No, Mom.”
“Do not lie to me young lady. I do not need your sass.” Ella is 16 and she is still telling the truth. What, other than time, separates these two instances? Innocence. When Ella was 6, she was Mommy’s little angel. She did what she was asked, used her manners, and did not use bad language. When Ella was 16, that image of an angel was erased from her mother’s mind. In her place stood a crabby, back-sassing teenager that no parent would ...view middle of the document...

The idea of wearing overalls all the time just wouldn’t do: people wanted more of her. But the one person who will never want more of her, is Scout’s father.
Atticus was basically the big doozey in this book. Not just Atticus, but what he stood for, and defending Tom Robinson. I do admire him immensely though, for trying to rein Scout in by telling her to just brush off her schoolmate’s ignorance and annoying behaviors. Even so, in the small town of Maycomb, the folks don’t really have anyone else to pester. So, those who are a target keep on getting the bullet. This was the case for Scout. She kept on getting bullied about her father’s wrongdoings, even if they didn’t involve her directly. She was the (that always sounds sort of negative to me) of someone who was doing something “horrid,” and she had to suffer the consequences, which ended up changing her perspective. It went from “Everyone in the world is like my dad, Atticus. Kind, loving, and always knows the right thing to do,” to “Oh shucks, some people in this world are really nasty, and I’m going to have to deal with them.” Isn’t that what losing innocence is all about? Realizing what you’ve grown up with and learned isn’t what life really is? The one person in this book who really absorbed this information was Jem. In the following paragraphs you will hopefully think so too, and see how it felt to loose innocence from Jem’s perspective.
Towards the middle/end of the book, Scout notices the phase Jem is going through. What she does not pay attention to is the fact that Jem has his own set of problems.
Jem is not in a good mood today.
First off, he is going through “that stage.” You may think this is all fun and games, but as we all know, it is simply horrid. One minute, (a C comma) you are playing with your sibling, and the next you get mad at him or her for building a mud castle the wrong way. Imagine what it must feel like for him. Not being in control of his emotions, and when he is, it is only for a few moments. At one point, (another C comma) Scout feels lost, so she goes to Calpurnia for advice about Jem. In Chapter Twelve, Calpurnia says: '"Baby,' said Calpurnia, 'I just can't help it if Mister...

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