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Lost In The Kitchen Essay

1056 words - 5 pages

Mai Nguyen
English 101
First draft

In a humorous way, “Lost in the kitchen” of Dave Barry talked about the eternal issue of men which was how clumsy and hopeless they had been in the kitchen. Barry told the story of his Thanksgiving night when his friend, Gene, and he failed to help their wives prepare the meal. Instead, their job was to just watch the children, but they did not do it well, either because they were enjoying their interesting football game on TV. However, not every man was exactly this way; if a man was not able to help in the kitchen, he should have done well in other parts in order to support his woman.
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Based on the scene of a holiday night, it was clear to see the common picture of a family nowadays; the men watched the TV and the kids played around while the women were cooking. It seemed that men had leisure time and just did simple works, but not all of them accomplished their obligations well. For example, Barry stated on page 83 that “You cannot watch small children and the Detroit Lions at the same time, and let’s face it; the Detroit Lions are more interesting” and needed Arlene’s remind about their job. Seriously, this did not sound funny anymore; instead, there was a lack of responsibilities. If a man found that he was helpless in the kitchen, he would take part well in different chores such as cleaning, setting the table or “watching the children”. Therefore, the wife did not have to do everything at once, and she could finish her work earlier and spend more time with the family or do something for herself. Indeed, it was crucial for the men’s helps in order to support the women, maintain the happiness and avoid contention.
To continue, the author mentioned that “I think most males rarely prepare food for other people, and when they do, they always have their one specialty dish” (Barry 83). This sounded really true at first but as we thought about it carefully; it seemed men were reluctant and unwilling to do any cooking. However, in daily life, there would be some who might try to be great in the kitchen in order to help themselves or just to please the women.
In a reverse, there was also an arguable point while men felt helpless and women took confidence in their career and housewife’s portion:
“I would no more enter that kitchen than I would attempt to park a nuclear aircraft carrier, but my wife, who runs her own business, glides in very casually and picks up EXACTLY the right kitchen implements and starts doing EXACTLY the right...

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