Lost In Translation Essay

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Lost in Translation
Fawne Cady
University of Maryland University College
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Turnitin Originality Score: 7%

Managers who take time to become familiar with the basic cultural beliefs of a patient foster an environment of mutual respect and consideration. Cross cultural communication can enhance patient-provider relationships and improve quality of care outcomes. Cultural unfamiliarity hinders autonomy of the patient and threatens an optimum level of care health care professionals are sworn to strive towards. Language barriers and mediated conversations hinder communication and foster an environment filled with confusion and apprehension. This ...view middle of the document...

Finally, the paper provides the best solution for a manager to utilize in order to handle Mr. Tabrtizi’s case with a high level of cultural competence.
The Ethical Impact of Cross-Cultural Communication Barriers
Peterson-Iyer (2008) presents an ethical dilemma featuring Farhad Tabrtizi, a 69-year-old immigrant from Iran. Mr. Tabrtizi was treated in an American hospital by health care professionals who displayed little regard for cultural sensitivity. The physician’s diagnosis of cancer was lost in translation and Mr. Tabrtizi’s treatment options were not clearly translated by his English speaking son.
Due to a language barrier, the provider does not provide Mr. Tabrtizi with accurate or thorough treatment information. Due to inaccurate translations, the patient is never fully informed of his treatment options, nor is he told he has cancer. The provider is unaware of Mr. Tabrtizi’s lack of knowledge due to his inability to understand Farsi. The collaboration of the above issues cause confusion and inhibits the patient’s ability to make informed decisions about his treatment. Additionally, Mr. Tabrtizi is not able to clearly communicate information necessary to provide adequate treatment such as pain level or previous medical history. His inability to effectively communicate information limits treatment options and hinders outcomes.
Ethical provisions violated:
1. “Work to provide a process that ensures autonomy and self-determination of patients or others served” (ACHE, 2011).
2. “Provide prospective patients and others with adequate and accurate information, enabling them to make enlightened decisions regarding services” (ACHE, 2011).
ACHE-Based Approach: Hire a Translation Service
Based on his documented experience treating cancer patients in Sri Lanka, Dr. Dayasiri (2011) recommends adding a professional translator to the treatment team. An accurate translation from patient to provider/provider to patient affords the patient with an independence to make his own treatment decisions. Additionally, medical professionals receive appropriate information via translation necessary to make informed decisions and provide quality treatment.
Dr. Dayasiri has developed extensive research treating cancer patients in Sri Lanka. His findings reflect translators as “indispensable in relaying symptoms, providing an accurate patient history, communicating instructions about medications, and discussing diagnoses and treatment options” (Dayasiri, 2011, page 773). Translators enable the provider to relay important treatment diagnosis and options. This is important because the patient is unable to make informed decisions about his care unless he is privileged to and fully understands all information related to his medical condition. In addition to their knowledge about the language, he notes translators are also often aware of indirect cultural indicators such as body language and other...

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