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Lotf Chapter 2 And 3 Essay

554 words - 3 pages

Lord of the Flies

Chapter Two

1. Golding is trying to show us that Jack is uncivilized, because he is discoursing the power of the conch. “The conch doesn’t count on top of the mountain”. Jack is being disrespectful, troublesome and unfair. Golding is showing us the level of immaturity that Jack portrays in the story and that he is constantly trying to cause conflict.

2. In Lord of the flies the fire is used throughout the book to represent order. It also represents the amount of strength left within the boys. The fire emerges, becoming wild like the boys in the novel. The fire has no order and it cannot be controlled. It is personified because it is has been given human qualities such as growling, “the ...view middle of the document...

4. It would appear that all the boys with some sort of physical defects were outcast. They were separated form the rest of the group. Jack and his tribe were bullies therefore it is safe to conclude that Jack and his tribe were the ones responsible for the deaths of the boys with physical defects who could not defend for themselves.

Chapter Three

1. Ralph gave the reason of needing shelter when it rained and also because may of the boys are scared of the “beastie”, and it would be a form of home for them.

2. Some of the boys focus was on hunting a pig for food and the younger boys were interested in playing around.

3. Jack felt like something was behind him all the time when he was in the jungle it compared it to the feeling of being hunted instead of hunting. Golding is showing us how the human mind can trick us into believing something is there when it is not.

4. The brightness of Simon’s eyes made him seem delightfully gay and wicked.

5. The part of the jungle that Simon goes to where he was peaceful was the same to him how like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. He found this to be beautiful and peaceful. The green candle like buds, the peacefulness, the walls made of leaves this could be a place of worship.

6. Simon was the shy kind, even though he was lost in the jungle he could still see the beauty of the jungle that none of the other boys could see. His personality was beautiful like a pearl and he was as delicate as one.

7. The butterflies symbolize the peace and happiness that Simon has found in the jungle it shows that the jungle is not all bad. This is a place where he went to relax.

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