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Love And Loss Of Innocence Of A Young Boy

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Paper 1: “Araby”
In James Joyce’s story “Araby” the structure is broken into three scenes within the young boy’s life starting with the scene on North Richmond Street, then the adoration of Mangan’s sister, and by the scene at “Araby.” Throughout the story the young boy is on the edge where childhood ends and adolescence begins, but it is not until the end of the story that he leaves his childhood for good. The overall theme within the structure of the story is the love and loss of innocence by the young boy. Since the story is told in first-person narrative, you are immediately immersed in his feelings and realizations.
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He tries to make since of his feelings, but he is unsure on how he should do so. When she finally does speak to him, she asks him about the Araby and whether he would go. He tells her that he will and insists on bringing her something back. At this point he seems willing to please her and earn her acceptance by any means necessary. Also at this point he seems to only focus on her and finds everything else to be child’s play, because he is blindsided by his love for her.
The Araby scene marks the beginning of the boy’s adolescence and the end of his childhood due to his new realizations. The scene starts off with the boy asking his uncle for permission to attend Araby that Saturday evening, to which his uncle agrees. His uncle, however, forgets and stays gone for hours before returning home. The boy becomes frustrated but occupies his mind with images within his head of his beloved. By the time his uncle returns, it is late, and he seems reluctant to let him go so late when he says, “The people are in bed and after their first sleep now” (680). The boy’s aunt encourages the uncle to let him go, and so he does. He hurries out of the house, florin at hand, eager to catch the train and buy a gift for his love. By the time he arrives at Araby almost all of the stalls are closed except for a few. This is when he comes upon the stall that will mark the end of his love and the end of innocence. When he enters the stall a young lady greets him but seems annoyed by his presence, and continues her conversation with two young men. He listens to the young woman and the young men converse and becomes annoyed, and decides that his trip to the bazaar has been useless. He leaves Araby that night frustrated and ashamed for allowing himself to have been...

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