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Love At First Sight Essay

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Safety in the lab should always be practiced with the utmost precaution. This lab deals with hot water, a heat exchanger, and water valves. Always wear your personal protective equipment (ppe) in the lab
a. Lab coat buttoned up completely to avoid from spills and other materials from harming your clothes or skin
b. Completely closed toed shoes and long pants ie. No skirts, shorts, or dresses
c. Safety Goggles must be warn as well to protect your eyes from any harmful materials and liquids
d. Rubber gloves should always be worn to avoid harmful chemicals spilling or getting on your hands.
1) All persons in the lab must understand all safety ...view middle of the document...

j. Lab/Campus Security
vi. In cases where outside problems may put you in harm while in the lab it is smartest to lock the doors, turn out the lights, and call for help using the local security number or police.
2) Under no circumstances should there ever be food or drink in the lab. This is to ensure no one ingests any harmful materials.
3) For people with long hair make sure it is tied up and put back to avoid the risk of it getting into harmful chemicals and materials.
4) If an injury occurs make sure to notify a superior ASAP as they will be able to help with aiding the problem.
5) On departure of the lab make sure to wash your hands thoroughly to avoid bring out any lab substances or materials that could be harmful to you or others you come into contact with.
6) Use all the equipment for their intended purposes to avoid any misuse or problems that may occur when trying to improvise.
7) If the lab needs to be left over night make sure all safety precautions are taking to ensure that no overnight accidents happen while left unattended.
8) Always work in teams in the lab. Solo work is not accepted to ensure safety is always upheld and an extra person can assist with helping during accidents.
9) Read lab procedure before entering lab to make sure you understand the steps and the cautions of performing the lab. Avoid deviating from the intended procedure as unplanned work can lead to unexpected risks and hazards.
10) Absolutely no horse play in the lab to avoid any collisions or mistakes that could be made for no explainable reason.
11) When using chemicals or solvents that can give off harmful scents make sure to use the fume hood to avoid the scent from encapsulating the room and having it be breathed in by you or fellow lab mates. Make sure the fume hood exhaust fan is always on.
12) Only...

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