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Love Basketball Essay

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Love and basketball
As you know, your human and so am I and we are not perfect. We all will make mistakes in our life time at some point or another. Those mistakes we make we shouldn’t knock ourselves for. Instead, we should learn from our mistakes. There is one mistake that I made that stands out the most and that I regret more than others. I stopped playing basketball after my freshman year of high school. Not a day goes by that I don’t regret setting the ball down and walking out of Case Arena, my high school gym.
Basketball has always been a ritual so to speak, in my family. When I learned how to walk as a baby, the first toy that was given to me was a basketball. Then before you knew ...view middle of the document...

Now I had another hurdle to get over, and that was academics. I realized that now, in order for me to play the game that I love; I had to succeed in the classroom as well. So once again, the days and months went by and here came basketball season. This time it was the “big league” in my eyes. I wanted to make the “A” team, and not the “B” team. So here I am in the gym, shoes laced up and ready to go. The coached walks in and gives us the run down. We were to do a series of different drills that went into every aspect of the game. I worked the hardest I think I’ve ever worked in my life. Sweat dripping, blood running down my knee from diving on the court after loose balls; the type of good stuff that comes out of working hard at practice. The two hour try-outs went by in what seemed to me in a half hour. Coach Mills said that he’d have the teams posted outside of his room the next day after school. That night I didn’t sleep at all, and the next day at school I kept looking at the clock watching hour after hour slowly drift away. Finally, it was time to go check out the results. I remember walking down the hallway to his room. The lights at the top of the hall became a blur and I blanked everything around me out. I walked up to the bulletin board and ran my finger down the list, to my disbelief I made the “A” team! I think everyone in that hall knew that I made it once I saw my name on the list. I jumped and screamed at the top of my lungs, “I made it, I made it!” Not only did I make the team, but the following week when practice started, I earned myself the starting forward spot. To make a long story short, I started every game the rest of that year, and that stayed the same for the two years I had left in junior high. Seventh grade, “A” team starter, then eighth grade “A” team starter all season.
So I’ve completed elementary school and now junior high school. Everyone knows what comes next and that’s high school. My goal now was to earn a spot on the varsity roster. Yes, I wanted to be a starter, but if I were to even make the varsity team I...

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