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Love Not My Work Essay

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ENG1DB Poetry Analysis Test Sample Responses

Below are some sample student responses from our in-class work and our PRACTICE Poetry Analysis Test that exemplify effective poetry analysis and critical thinking skills. Consider that some of these responses may still need work. What are the positive aspects of each response and what are some areas that still require improvement? Use these examples to help you structure your own responses on the actual Poetry Analysis Test (this will be written on Wednesday November 13th).

A Sample Response for “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost (in-class work):

What is the tone of the poem? Explain thoughtfully. Support your observations ...view middle of the document...

Somewhere in the back of his/her mind will remain the image of yellow woods and two equally leafy paths, neither of them less travelled, which is proven in the poem when it reads, “Then took the other, as just as fair,/And having perhaps the better claim/Because it was grassy and wanted wear,/Though as for that the passing there/Had worn them really about the same,/And both that morning equally lay/In leaves no step had trodden black” (Frost 6-12). These paths in the woods are forks in the road, which serve as wonderful metaphors that represent the decisions and crises that humans must face within their lifetimes. These two roads are also meant to symbolize the conflict between a person’s free will and their fate, but the irony is that the two roads are actually the same; there was no better choice, which reinforces the ironic tone of the poem.

A Sample Response for “The Child Who Walks Backwards” by Lorna Crozia (in-class work):

Identify and explain the purpose and effect of two literary devices (examples of figurative language) used in this poem.

In Lorna Crozia’s poem, “The Child Who Walks Backwards”, she uses figurative language expertly in order to explore the horrors of child abuse. One clear example of a meaningful simile used in the poem to exemplify the violence that is being inflicted upon the neighbour child is seen when the speaker states, “…plummet like a wounded bird/down the flight of stairs” (Crozia 9-10). The comparison that is made between the child and a wounded bird effectively indicates that the child is already injured before they fall down the stairs, in addition to emphasizing the innocence and helplessness of the child. Also, the diction in this poem is vivid and purposeful, proven with Crozia’s use of the word “plummet”, which reinforces the force and momentum behind the child’s fall; this fall was not an accident (Crozia 9). Next, Crozia uses a powerful metaphor in the poem in order to highlight the fact that the neighbour child’s injuries have not been caused because of his/her accident prone nature, but instead, that the child is being savagely abused at home. This metaphor is seen when the speaker says, “This child who climbed my maple/with the sureness of a cat,” to once again emphasize the fact that the child’s described injuries were not caused by accident (Crozia 11-12). This metaphor is particularly poignant because it provides the reader with a brief glimpse into a moment of childlike behaviour that has been tainted by the abuse the child is forced to endure. Many children will climb trees, and play outside, and this...

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