Love Vs. Friendship Essay

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Love vs. Friendship

Love is a four letter word that until now has provided a lot of meanings and descriptions. It can be anything really, from an emotion to an affection and dedication. It can be your love for your parents. Love for God. Love for your friends and the long list goes on. Love symbolizes a lot of things and is described in a lot of ways. Love represents a lot of things. It is a universal thing. But probably the most dominant understanding of love to the common is the beating of one’s heart for another person. Romantic Love.
Friendship is a certain bond between two people. Like acquaintances. It is the word that describes your ...view middle of the document...

Do they see them as just words? Symbols? Signs? Codes? It doesn’t really matter that much. But what matters most? When you have Love, Friendship comes in a second. It becomes a little bit neglected. It dries out in your part when you are too much occupied with love. In friendship, being without love may seem like there’s a missing puzzle piece in your life. To others that are feeling loved so much because of friendship; don’t feel that love is a step necessary for their life to move on.
Nowadays, Love and Friendship are both breaches of most youth and is now a self-declared youth issue. They juggle their times between friends and their love life. Most break ups and friendship misunderstandings are caused by having deal with both at the same time.
What is really worth it right now? Love or Friendship? If having both is your thing then we all have to know what is better for us. We all have to set boundaries and we have to be ready to fit in and manage it in all our topsy turvy worlds. But having to be able to cope with both is a wonderful thing. Friends are the ones who accept you for who you are. They are the ones who will help you no matter what you did. Having someone to love and to be loved is almost the same. But it is with commitment. It is a subject to be more prone to trials and tests. As they say it, Love is a test of time. Friendship doesn’t have a commitment but it has a bond that draws you together. Whatever you do, make sure you’re in the right course. Love. Be loved. “Love is blind; Friendship closes its eyes.”

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