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Lovely Bones Essay

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Has it ever crossed your mind if your departed loved ones ever observe you from above in “their” heaven? In the novel The Lovely Bones, by the author Alice Sebold, this is exactly what happens. Heart aching moments, broken love and overwhelming times of struggle are all very true elements in this beautifully written, bittersweet story. This page turner will have emotions flaming from cheerless to blessed till the very end! This book is full of unexpected twists and unbearable scenes, suiting almost any personal preference of any novel.
Beautiful and loved Susie Salmon’s life is ended tragically as the reader is shown her gruesome and horrible rape and murder, a sudden change from the sweet ...view middle of the document...

Due to the plausibility of these events, the story line adds dramatically to the novel. A loved one’s death is never easy, but as is shown in The Lovely Bones it is truly a beautiful thing when they learn to pick up the pieces and eventually feel positive again.
The main characters don’t want to share their emotions, and just want to bottle everything up and pretend they don’t feel what they feel. Instead of wearing their hearts on their sleeves, they are unwilling to let anyone know how emotionally damaged they are because of Susie’s death. They are genuine characters and behave exactly how the reader would expect close family members to react to a death of a loved one. Her mom’s character lacks development in the beginning of the novel, but further and further into the novel she is portrayed more and more as an immature, selfish, and weak woman, trying to push the tragedy of her daughter’s death out of her head and just ignore it. She is shown to be a characteristic, motherly figure, but as time goes on we see that she’s more insecure and less motherly than originally thought. She has an affair with the policeman assigned to Susie’s murder case, a vain and embarrassing attempt to shut out and escape reality. Susie’s grandma is an alcoholic who tries to dress up for men that are much too young for her. Her character is very human and plausible. Even though she appears to be a pain to deal with for the family in the start, in the end everyone else’s problems are just the same as hers. They are all just trying to make some sense of Susie’s death. In the beginning of the story, many of the characters seem perfect and virtuous, but in dealing with Susie’s death they all reveal their actual character. Susie’s sister, Lindsay, is a good example of a character greatly changed by circumstances. Although she appears to be perfect and without flaws, the actual reality of it is she is too insecure to step out of her bubble, and seems content being second best to her sister. Very bright and gifted at sports, Lindsay dislikes the spotlight and is lacking in...

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