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Low And High Involvement In Consumption

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In the study of marketing, there are theories concerning the different involvement situations of buying behaviour. By involvement it means the level of interest, emotion and activity the consumer is prepares to expend on a particular purchase. In this essay, examples of goods with low and high invlovement will be investigated and compared, and some personal and social-cultural influences that determine us to behave both as rational information seekers and socially-driven consumers influenced by others will be briefly discussed.

Egg has been chosen as an example with low involvement of purchase. I buy eggs at the supermarket (i.e. Morrison) nearest to me hall of residence. I do this on a ...view middle of the document...

Meanwhile, the purchase of phone is extensive decision-making, which takes time seeking information and comparing alternative brands before making the purchase decision. Here are some of the factors being considered in each case of the purchase involvement.

The consumer decision making process is divided into 5 procedures. Here are the ways eggs and phone differs in different processes.

The first step is problem recognition. It happens when a buyer aware that the actual condition does not fit the desired state. The purchase of egg is different from phone because of the frequency of consumption. As mentioned above I need eggs for dining regularly, so I am very familiar with what I have been buying. It become a habit in my daily live. That is the reason why I do this almost automatically. However, I do not usually change my phone model as each one is relatively durable. The trend and choice available in the phone market changes from time to time. The information I got last time may be forgotten easily or be out of date. When I know that I need a new phone for myself, I would prefer doing more reseacrching beforehand.

Apart from the frequency of consumption, the cost of purchasing is also determinate. Generally buying a box of egg does not cost me a lot. It is just around 1 GBP. It takes just around 0.1 percent of my average monthly expenses. That is to say, the expenditure does not take a large portion of my income. Similar to the case of most ingredients for cooking, I do not pay much attention to each of them. On the contrary, I pay a lot of attention when buying a new phone. It is because it costs me around 500 to 600 GBP, which is nearly the amount of average monthly expenses. If I have bought a phone which is not able to satisfy my wants, a large sum of money would not be fully utilised, or even wasted. Not being a rich person, I really care a lot about such large expenses. I do not mind spending more time to find out what is the best for me.

The next step is information search. This is the stage for consumers to search for information about products to solve their problem or satisfy their needs. It can be classified into internal research (of own memory) and external research (with information from the outside). The market information of eggs and phone is quite different. The major retailer of egg is supermarket, market and some small shops selling food. They would only display the egg with a tag showing the type and price. There is nearly no adverisement about egg at all, except when there is a big sale. We can only know more about the details of the egg we buy from the packaging. From my own experience, I would only recall my memory of past experience and I think it is enough since I have did this for many times. I even do not ask for others’ recommadation as it is too time-consuming. Everytime when I go shopping at supermarket, I need to buy many stuff and it is impossible to do extense and in-depth research on every item....

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