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Lower Drinking Age Essay

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Erikson Pepa
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March 3, 2014

Lower Drinking Age
Turning 18 is a big year, probably one of the biggest in our young lives. When you turn 18 a million doors open, you can change your name, get tattooed, vote, join the military, go to jail and be trialed as an adult, basically anything you can think of, except one thing and that’s buying/drinking alcohol. That’s one thing that always got my attention: why 21? If you are considered by the law an adult at 18 then you should be treated like one in all aspects of it. Everyone has their own opinion on this matter, and there have been numerous arguments for each side.
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According to The Center for Science in the Public Interest, "44% of students attending 4-year colleges drink alcohol at the binge level or greater." “Also as many as 30,000 college students need medical treatment each year to cope with alcohol poisoning (Nagin)”. From the year 1999-2005 as many as 157 college students from the age of 18-23 drank themselves to death Fox news reports. From what I can understand this should not be a top reason. Is it sad? Yes but not a reason to keep the age at 21 and here’s why, do you really think college student cares if the drinking age is 21? If you are in college and you go to a party you are going to drink, you are not going to say “oh I’m only 18” I can’t drink, let’s be realistic here. There is no way to stop college drinking at parties, it’s going to happen. The law is not keeping or preventing people from binge drinking at a college party, as research suggests the only way to prevent or lower the amount of binge drinking in college is by “prevention strategies geared towards specific groups and used in combination with each other can help reduce the frequency and quantity of college drinking. These groups include: individual students, student body as a whole, college and surrounding community” (NIH). So when I saw this as one of the top reasons of not lowering the age I thought it was silly, because it changes nothing. An 18 year old is still going to drink regardless.
Last but not least the third top reason is violent behavior associated with alcohol. According to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, “alcohol is associated with an increased risk of hazardous sexual behavior, academic failure, drug abuse, and alterations to the structure and function of the brain” (Nagin). The NIAAA (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism), found that "up to 86 percent of homicide offenders, 37 percent of assault offenders, and 60 percent of sexual offenders" were using alcohol at the time of the crime. We all know alcohol causes you to do stupid things if you don’t drink responsible, but the crimes that are committed by alcohol; the majority is...

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