Lucille Ball: The World's Greatest Actress

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Just mention Lucy, and everyone knows who you're talking about. Lucille Ball is without a doubt the world's greatest actress and the most famous redhead. She is remembered most for her famous TV character, Lucy Ricardo, but there was more to her than just the famous character she portrayed on I Love Lucy. Lucille could play all types of roles, including drama, comedy, and musical. There was much more to her than what people thought.
Her film career began with bit parts in the early 1930's. Lucille was frequently cast in comedies because ...view middle of the document...

She wasn't offered many dramatic roles during her career, but Lucille did have a few opportunities to prove her talent as a dramatic actress. In 1942, she starred in The Big Street, and her performance was highly successful and received rave reviews.
Lucille wanted to be cast in more dramas, but she didn't have much luck. The public loved her most when she was doing comedy, and it became quite clear that people didn't want to see Lucille Ball as a drama queen. They wanted to see her as the Queen of Comedy and nothing else.
She also wanted to do musicals, but Lucille was only given two opportunities. In 1960, she appeared in the Broadway show Wildcat. Then, she starred in the film version of
Mame in 1973.
Mame was thought to be her last film, but it wasn't. Lucille shocked everyone when she appeared as a bag lady in the 1985 TV movie Stone Pillow. Once again, she proved she could play dramatic roles.
There has never been nor will there ever be another actress like Lucille Ball. She had so many talents to offer the world, and she gave her best in everything she ever did. She will always be the world's greatest actress. Lucille Ball may be gone, but her spirit lives on through her movies and television shows. She was someone who was and always will be a true star.

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