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Luck, Money And Love Essay

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Dear, Ismail,
I would like to thank you once more for having confidence in me, for I know for myself that we are going to succeed in the goal we have set for ourselves, which for you, Ismail , is Luck, Money, and Love, in a word, your Happiness.
And, if I am taking the liberty of sending you this letter today, it is because I had a peculiar sensation that something unexpected is about to happen very soon in your life. Indeed, your life is about to take an entirely new turn which you certainly don’t expect.
Inexplicable, extremely IMPORTANT events have occurred these very days, which you let go by without making the slightest effort to turn them to your advantage. And this, in spite of ...view middle of the document...

Some new (and very important) facts that I detected about you have led me to believe that earlier in your life you have been subjected to a particularly negative influence that has been coming in the way of your success for all these years.
That’s too bad, because this maleficent influence paralyzes you and constantly obstructs your attempts to make the most of the various opportunities to change your existence that turn out in your life every now and then. Even worse, because of this negative influence, some your qualities couldn’t find their way out! This is why all the hidden gifts and talents you possess (unknowingly) have been unable to come out into the light, to this day.
I am telling you, Ismail , if you had seized all of these opportunities, I am absolutely positive that today, when I am writing this letter to you, you would be living the dream life you deserve.
And yet, chance seems to be still smiling over you, because you did answer to my calling and you agreed that I should come to your help in the search for Happiness. But, unless you rid yourself once and for all of this negative influence that chokes your life, your happiness will never be complete.
Because this is the goal we are pursuing.
Yes, Ismail , I truly desire that you live a happy life, free of any outside pressure. Yes, Ismail , I want you to live in unclouded Happiness, surrounded by the people you love, with plenty of Money to afford anything that you desire.
This negative influence I spoke about stands up like a wall in front of the fortunate opportunities that are about to arrive in the following weeks. This wicked influence is the major cause of your problems, your concerns and your hardships.
I will therefore do everything it takes to help you step up into your new life, because I can see that today your vital forces are too weakened for you to escape all by yourself out of this condition you are trapped in, out of this situation that has been holding you prisoner for so long. This is why, with your permission, I intend to do something extremely important for you.
Yes, Ismail , if only you allow me, I will attempt to release you from this negative maleficent influence that chokes your days and hinders you, and hinders, one after another, your chances for success.
I will also try to help you recharge as quickly as possible the vital forces you so direly need. I will attempt to help you rediscover your full potential and all the natural protective magnetism which you lack today but is crucial for your protection from negative outside influences.
Yes, Ismail , these are the fundamental actions we are going to take together if we want Love, Luck and above all, MONEY, to come into your life.
For this, there is only one kind of help, a major aid which I and I alone have the power to grant you, and which I reserve exclusively for people who, like yourself, have fallen prey to this wicked negative influence that is choking your life today.
This very...

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