Luke Howard: The Namer Of Clouds

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Luke Howard: The Namer of CloudsAs a young boy growing up in England, Luke Howard (1773-1864) attended grammar school at Burford, a village to the west of London. But Luke was more interested in the books about nature than in volumes of the Greek and Latin classics.During Luke Howard's school years, high levels of dust from volcanic eruptions in Iceland and Japan caused the sky to have a dazzling appearance. Luke Howard was amazed by the clouds and complicated patterns within them. For him, it made more sense that clouds had properties.Before 1800, most scientists felt that clouds were just there and that they had no specific groups. With few exceptions, no ...view middle of the document...

As a hobby, he joined a group of scientists who called themselves the Askesian Society.During the winter of 1802, Luke Howard presented a paper to the Askesian Society entitled "On the Modification of Clouds" (in modern English, modification means classification.) Mr. Howard proposed that clouds could be categorized into several simple categories. Luke Howard created Latin names for his categories, and therefore made it usable in any country. Luke Howard proposed that clouds were in three distinct categories. They were:·Cumulus(Latin for heap)·Stratus(Latin for layer)·Cirrus(Latin for curl of hair)The paper was liked so well by the Askesians that it was published. It was widely accepted and used. Today, we still use the basic ideas that Luke Howard presented that night and the Latin names he assigned to the clouds.In 1800, Luke Howard presented a paper on the "Average Barometer" and in 1802, he wrote "Theories of Rain." In 1806, he began writing his "Meteorological Register," which was regularly published in "Athenaeum Magazine" beginning in 1807.Luke Howard went on to write "The Climate of London", the first book on urban climatology. In it, Howard proposed that cities could significantly alter meteorological elements by how they interacted with nature.Luke Howard was an English amateur meteorologist and pharmacist. He wrote many books and publications and brought new ideas into the scientific community. His biggest achievement was that he developed the foundation for our cloud classification system.

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