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LustLust is a story written about passion, youthful mistakes, regret and pain. The story is written about a girl who is extremely promiscuous. The main character is reflecting on her past when she may be around fourteen years of age. The assumption is made that she sleeps around with a lot of different guys in hopes of finding something special. Susan Minot writes this story in an approach that shows the mistakes that the girl made in her past and the repercussions she has to face mentally. The story uses four key elements of fiction to show the personality of the girl. The elements, character, point of view, style and theme, attempt to explain why she did the things Minot are describing. ...view middle of the document...

Her anger arises in her words and it becomes possible for the reader to feel sympathy for the girl. The anger she expresses is a reliable method of demonstrating that Minot gives a false impression of the character in the beginning of the story. It also reveals that there may be something hidden in the main character subconscious to cause her behavior.However, it is not the narrators? fault that she has an abnormal perception about life. It appears that the main characters? actions may have to do with her parents. She doesn?t seem to be too fond of or respect her father and mother. According to the narrator the mother wouldn?t have known she was sleeping around with all the different guys even if she introduced her to them. She says her mother would have probably picked out the ones she did and didn?t like and her father was too shy to talk to them at all. The reader also gets the impression that it is not just her parents that she believes to be slightly unintelligent. She says, ?Parents never really know what?s going on?? Although the main character doesn?t hold a lot of respect for adults some of her behaviors are conditioned by them, such as, keeping her birth control pills in the top drawer like her mother does. She even states she thinks of her mother every morning when she takes her pill. This is an important action because it shows she is just a child and that she probably doesn?t pick and choose her disturbing behavior.The effectiveness in the story, ?Lust?, comes from the story being written in the first person point of view. The narrator tells this part of her life story because she feels that it is an important portion that she should share. The only problem with first person point of view is the narrator can hold out any information that he or she believes will make them look bad. The narrator may also contain material that he or she just doesn?t want the reader to know about. This gives the narrator control over the story and he or she could be giving the reader only half or part of the story.The style that is formulated in the story is syntax. Minot writes the story to be really choppy purposely. The purpose of the story being written choppy is to create the illusion that the main character slept with more guys than she actually slept with. Some of the names of the guys are repeated through the story, such as Mack and Eddie. She first mentions Mack and Eddie being together, with her sitting between them, in a pickup...

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