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Its Origins, Its Impact on US Society and What People Were Afraid Of

The term McCarthyism is named in memory of the US Senator, Joseph McCarthy, the founder of of this concept. McCarthyism refers to the ‘withchunt’, the investigation and persecution of ‘communist sympathizers’, that is people who believed in or supported communism in the United States in any form. Also the term is descriptive of the outbreak of panic and worry about communism that flooded American society at the time.

McCarthyism originated from the mouth of Senator Joseph McCarthy. The Alien Registration Act had been introduced into the United States and everyone who had the slightest ...view middle of the document...

This was achieved by information derogatory to McCarthy’s reputation being passed to journalists. Journalists and cartoonists proceeded to achieve the desired effect, with McCarthy losing his influential stand in politics and McCarthyism dying alongside him.

McCarthyism had a strong impact on the United States, politically and socially. Politicians became extremely wary of standing up to Senator McCarthy and his campaign, for fear of being accused and Blacklisted. This statement was published in the Boston Post, regarding politicians relationship towards McCarthy (and invariabley, McCarthyism), “…attacking him in this state is regarded as a certain method of commiting suicide…”.

Socially, some people were affected directly through inclusion of their name on the Blacklist or even by being under investigation. This made it difficult to seek employment and virtually impossible to receive financial assistance. Through others’...

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