M&S Case Study

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Quality for Money, Fashionable.
Parents used to shop there - historical.

Value proposition:

Traditional department store. Value achieved by technologists, selectrs to design y dedicatd suppliers. all sold under same brand. network of well located stores.
powerfull functional group - food clothes.
fabric with japanese houses to try o work towards easy care fabrics with customers in mind.
Fashion drove mns in 90s. industry influences customer choice.
Rsetless - ho can we improve, how can we move forward, what can we do better, how can we innovate.
Brand recognition.


1. Value proposition and how was it provided?

2. What went wrong?

Not tackling fundamental issues ...view middle of the document...

CUBE - easy communication vehicle for the troops.
Exceptional quality available to all.
Choose to be 100% own brand - he chose to keep as people associated themselves with the brand.
11 segments was too complicated - made 3. Traditional customers, younger customers with whom lost most share so difficult to get back. George at Asda came to join.
Employed team of good leaders.
Per Una - addressed customer where lost most share.
Food had to continue to have added value.
Smaller Food stores they have better choice much better performing.
Clearly identified companies major strength, competitive avantage, where will be best to compete. Concentrated on historic strength and values and related it it to the future.Strength of leadership to make others believe in companies future.
Stability to the troops no new changes. Return to core values of the firm. Built up confidence again in customers who came back.
CUBE own your part in delivering results. management by objectives. Fastest rollout of management objectives.
Tackle things in a right order.
Gained back command over supply chain.
Company wasnt ready for change so was hard.
Employed diversity leaders. Open minded about recruiting didnt just promote top management. People had complimentary skills.
Common model through out the sectors. Can take product back.
tio take cost out stopped catalogue for clothes, call centre and distribution centre.
Cant tell difference between franchise and MNS store - all good standard that is what was tried to be achieved.
Achieved help from investors in US. And they been most profitable investments.

4. What are your questions about their strategy in the future?

Active involvement of leadership and communicate strategy to whole comapny.
Strengthen employers in other layers not just the top.

How will you keep identifying segments? Peoples prefernces change.

Are you going to offer more semented clothing ranges?

5. What actions would you take? When?

Still have franchise abroad so probably best to stay like that.
closed catalogue but maybe internet orderes as people usually shop for clothes which they know size etc of as they always shop there.
asian fit bra!
opportunities on the back of franchising to drive international business.

Increase number of Simply Food stores
Home business strategy - giving different dimension.
Reconsider international aspirations?
Separate loyalty card
Important is to get priorities right - concentrate on UK markets first.
alot more miledge in existing business. competition didnt lead to fail it was internal.

Take more advantage of card and info about the customers.
emerging issues around when people can have access to food. keep concentrating on quality. but what is quality its different for everyone.
challemge operational factors against peoples view on quality.
lack of long term growth in uk because of lack of space
because of segmantation need more fixed space
improve stores, and in store...

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