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M Vitual Child Essay

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1. Based on the evidence from age 6 and 8 years, how well is your child adapting to the school social environment and to the peer group? To what extent does this adaptation seem to depend on personality characteristics that are fairly stable in your child, and to what extent does your child seem to be developing novel behavior to cope with these new situations? Refer to the textbook for particular points about the responses of children in this age group to the peer group and the school environment. (2 points) Many changes occur between the ages of 6-8 years old. Children are leaving the comfort of their preschool environment and entering the school environment. This new environment exposes ...view middle of the document...

e., teacher, caregiver, club leader (Ormrod & McDevitt, n.d).Children start to understand more complex emotions, start to want more emotional freedom and space from parents, become better at controlling and concealing feeling and also begin to form a broader self-concept of themselves by recognizing their strengths and weaknesses especially about social, academic and athletic ability (Ormrod & McDevitt, n.d). In terms of social interaction children in this age group still prefer to socialize with their own gender (Ormrod & McDevitt, n.d). There can be some interactions between boys and girls but this usually comes in the form of teasing. The start to become aware of gender stereotypes more and this can lead to exclusion of the opposite sex in play. Children tend to be competitive, bossy and unhappy if they lose in a competition (Ormrod & McDevitt, n.d). .Most children have a "best friend" and as more friendships develop friend influence also grows stronger and therefore children become concerned about being liked by others. One other common social trait that occurs during these ages is tattling and this is a common way to attract adult attention. From my research I believe that Bryson is adapting well to school. Initially it was reported that Bryson was shy around his classmates and was not as outgoing as he seemed to be in the preschool environment. In his first grade report he it stated that he “worked cooperatively in groups ad consistently respects the rights and possessions of others and consistently demonstrates appropriate peer social interaction” (Manis, 2012). However, in the comments the teacher said that “Bryson over-reacts to stressful situations and can become anxious, moody or slightly depressed. With encouragement, he usually seems to come out of it before the day ends” (Manis, 2012). To encourage Bryson to be more open to new experiences I started to choose options that exposed him to new environments to push him out of his comfort zone. By the end of the first grade Bryson was able to feel comfortable and perform well in the school environment. To help develop this ability to cope as a parent I made sure to get Bryson involved in group activities like sports teams and a choir so that he would have more experiences meeting new children and develop his social skills. I believe that by exposing Bryson to new and different situations it helped him to feel comfortable in the school environment.

2. How smart is your child, and in what areas? Refer to the summary of multiple intelligences that appeared at age 6 and to sections of your textbook and the course reader article on multiple intelligences. Find specific evidence regarding your child's verbal, logical mathematical, spatial, musical and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence from your observations of your own child as well as the psychologist's report at age 8 years, 11 months and explain how it ties in to the your course reading material. (2 points) The three common areas that are...

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