M1 Anaylse Different Types Of Business Information And Their Sources

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In this assignment I will be analysing the different types of business information used at Apple inc. and where each information source comes from in their organisation.
Verbal information
Apple use verbal information. Verbal information is a way of communicating by saying or expressing your thoughts in to words for example by having a conversation with someone this is where verbal information is shown this is because they are speaking. An organisation has to use information verbally as they are selling products which means you have to be persuasive by using words through speech. They also use verbal information to communicate internally between staff and partners. This ...view middle of the document...

They can also get special advice and personal advice from the member of staff. This would make customers feel more welcomed in the store as the staff are happy to explain as if you had a store where the staff didn’t want to explain it would put customers off from buying products. In apple staff meetings verbal information is the best way for them to interact is as everybody has a feel for the conversation or topic they are speaking about and everyone gets a equal word or say as if a meeting was done via technology it could make it difficult to interact as restrictions of not being able to see their face on a webcam and it may keep cutting off. Also if they interact face to face in a verbal meeting it means it quicker as doing through email as they don’t have to wait for replies of the emails and they are not restricted to what they can say. People can get their point across quicker.
Verbal information is also the best way for apple to interact as it makes it easier for customers. Another way it makes it easier for customers is Apple help centre which is spoken through telephone. By having this help line for customers who have problems with their products or don’t know how to work something it saves them time of having to go into an Apple store to get advice or help. It’s also an advantage for Apple as they don’t have to employ extra staff in stores as the Apple help lines speak to customers to help them over the phone.
An advantage of having verbal information in a TV advert is that is makes it easier for the customer to gain information quicker. If Apple had a TV advert with just pictures and no verbal information customers would find it difficult to understand what the product does in detail. Without verbal information it may put customers of as they don’t know what apple is trying to sell them. Verbal information in a TV advert is an advantage for Apple as they can describe and try to sell their product through words by persuading the customer.
Another advantage of verbal information is that people who already don’t know about apple and their products can walk into stores and ask staff about products. This is because not everyone has access to the internet. Also if they do have internet the information that they are looking for may not be available to them.

The disadvantages of verbal information
A disadvantage of verbal information is that sometimes customers may have bad memory and would be forgetful of what the member of staff has told them. For example if a customer phones a helpline and they are told to go into a store to fix their product and the Apple employee on the phone tells the time and what store via verbal information the customer wouldn’t remember the exact directions. So it’s important that they are sent directions and time through another source of information which is email. Also for internal staff that have meetings face to face or via webcam a disadvantage for them using verbal information is that they may...

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