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M1 Using The Case Studies Assess The Role Of Effective Communication And Effective Interpersonal Interaction With Reference To Theories Of Communication

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Within both of the case studies it is clear to see that the communication cycles have been put into practice on a number of occasions and have generally worked well. I am going to discuss how the communication cycle has been put into practice within the Jason Young and Stephen Polanski case studies.
From the Jason Young case study we can clearly see that the Tuckmans cycle has been working very effectively. The Tuckmans cycle is all about effective communication in groups. Many groups may experience some sort of struggle before people unite and communicate effectively. Within the Jason Young case study we can see that while Jason was in hospital there were many multi-disciplinary meetings to discuss Jason’s progress with a goal to getting Jason as independent as possible. This is an example of the health care professionals working effectively together to ensure Jason is receiving the best possible care while he is in hospital. These multi-disciplinary meetings would not happen ...view middle of the document...

Jason was very thankful that there was a group of friends with him when he decided to jump into the river. An example of the argyles cycle working effectively was when one of his friends phoned for the ambulance to take Jason to the local A & E department. This particularly displays good communication. We can clearly see from this case study where the cycle has not been so effective. As a team of specialists were meeting on a regular basis to monitor Jason’s progress, they thought that at the beginning the team has difficulty bonding as the specialists had different views on how to progress with his treatment. They found it very difficult to agree on how independent Jason was ever going to be. This particularly displays poor teamwork and communication between all the individuals. The team was also making assumptions by stating that they were having difficulty bonding although it was only in the early stages of monitoring Jason’s progress. Another example where the communication cycle has not been so effective was as Jason spent a year in hospital some distance from his home, which meant long journeys from his friends and family to visit him. The cost in time, money and emotion in the early days was very high. This clearly means that distance and travel was a major barrier when Jason was in hospital therefore his family and friends did not get to see him that often.
After spending a year in hospital, Jason was then transferred to a hostel with 23 other disabled people. As there is only a small number of staff working within the hostel this means that Jason has to wait a long time before the staff will come to him which is particularly unsatisfying for him. The use and abuse of power is also displayed in relation to Jason Young as he doesn’t get to decide on what to wear as it depends on how busy the staff are and who is on duty. The disability barrier to communication is also displayed clearly within this case study as Jason has to wait on someone to feed him, get his medication, take him to the toilet and work with him in order to help him make progress in cleaning his teeth by a “suck and blow method”. Jason is very restricted to what he can do and this is a major barrier towards communication but with the staff working closely with him it will help him to become more independent.

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