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Analyzing Religion
Diversity and World Cultures | HUM215
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Religions have become the structure of many people lives. Religions are practiced over the world by various creeds, colors, races, and ethnicities. For individuals religion gives a feeling of fitting in and showing appreciation to something or someone who has given them the gift of life. This is a topic that can be touchy for some. More awareness of other religions should be spread amongst religions and their members or followers. Religion can divide people instead of bringing them together; everyone should love others equally. This is a very controversial issue that I will discuss ...view middle of the document...

The group has created their own publications and readings for their members. The first volume of publications was written by C.T. Russell. The name of the magazine is “Zion’s Watchtower”. In the magazines the Watchtower it gives more understanding and interpretation of Jehovah and his who he was. For them the Bible is a dark book with hidden meanings and therefore requires assistance in interpretation (Stein, 2011). Any book with hidden messages or needs translation is “evil”. They spread their views through conversations, through their literature by passing them put to people on the streets, and having studies.
Jehovah witnesses do not partake in anything that deals with the government, churches and businesses; they hold their services in halls. Holidays like birthdays and Christmas, any branch of the military and etc. is not a part of their beliefs. Once a year there is 144,000 members elected to participate in a big ceremony. Due to their beliefs and practices members of this organization have experienced economic hardships.
The Nation of Islam is said to have been founded in 1930 by a man name Wali Farrad Muhammad in Detroit, Michigan. The teachings of Muhammad, was black separatism, Islam, and his own beliefs. He promoted black supremacy and encouraged blacks to practice Islam instead of Christianity; a religion that he felt was forced upon African Americans during slavery. Farad suddenly disappeared from Detroit in 1934, leadership of the group he founded was passed to his trusted associate, Elijah Muhammad (Remington, 2003). Elijah spread NOI across city to city and it became a national recognized religion primarily amongst blacks.
When Elijah died his son take over the Nation and begun to change the views and beliefs his dad had previously taught. He decided to teach the followers to love all mankind and allow other ethnicities the chance to join the NOI. Initially the NOI wasn’t following the book of the Qur’an but now they do. The Qur’an is a scared book for all Muslims, in the Qur’an it deems the creator and leader as Allah. The NOI hold teachings in “Temples”.
The members of the nation promoted education, economic self-sufficiency, anti-drug usage, eating pork, and consuming alcohol. The organization opened...

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