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Macbeth is a haunting, Shakespearean tragedy that tells a tale of ambition and greed gone horribly awry, that continues to influence storytelling today. The play features many plot twists, references to the supernatural, interesting characters and is set in dreary, gothic, Scotland. In 1998, Sam Raimi made a film based on a book of the same name, called A Simple Plan (1998). Although generally dissimilar in plot, characters and setting, there are some similarities that {warrant} {a closer look}. The plot of A Simple Plan (1998) suggests important similarities to that of Macbeth. The characters, while fewer of them, have similar feelings, and experience comparable losses. Finally, the drama ...view middle of the document...

Lady Macbeth is Macbeth’s wife and is quite intelligent. She plots out all the plans that Macbeth follows in order to succeed, as they believe. She plays a supporting yet villainous role in the play. She influenced him to kill Duncan and emotionally blackmailed him. She questioned him about his manliness till the final stage to get rid of Duncan. Macbeth, being pressurized did the horrifying deed. In the movie, A Simple Plan, the characters play a slightly similar role as the characters of Macbeth. Hank, the main lead character in the movie, is an ordinary man who has a growing family. Sarah, Hank’s wife, is an intelligent lady who also plans out his husband’s deeds. She has a greedy personality and wants to keep the money that Hank found in the plane. She also emotionally blackmails Hank and questions him about his manhood in a way that he would not be able to fulfill his daughter’s demands in future. Both the ladies know their husband’s weaknesses and they know how to use them for their advantage. Both wives play the role of a judge and a motivation to their husbands’ actions. The characters, while fewer of them, have similar feelings, and experience comparable losses.
The drama plays out both in interior and...

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